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tv   Today  NBC  July 11, 2011 7:00am-11:00am PDT

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good morning. back to the drawing board. president obama and top lawmakers will try again today after a tense meeting at the white house sunday night failed to produce a debt deal. can one be reached before time runs out? life on the outside. casey anthony prepares for her prison release after rejecting a jailhouse visit from her mother. will she have anything to do with her parents when she's free? this morning one of her attorneys speaks out in an exclusive live interview. drama queens. the u.s. women's team pulls off an incredible comeback with the help of this last-second header at the world cup quarterfinals.
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it's being calm called one of t most spectacular finishes in soccer history today, monday, july 11th, 2011. captions paid for by nbc-universal television and welcome to "today" on this monday morning. i'm ann curry. >> good morning. i'm savannah guthrie. i'm in for matt. what a finish. talk about taking it to the last possible minute, abby wambach with that header to stave game, basically, tying it up so they went to penalty kicks. the women pulled it out at the last possible second. >> go women. in fact, she says the history of the team is that they never give up. they're called now team destiny. even my husband and son were watching. we've got other news this morning. >> we're all about the ladies this morning, aren't we? talking about down to the wire. president obama scheduled a news conference later this morning to address the high stakes debt and
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budget negotiation. >> lawmakers are facing an august 2nd deadline to prevent the country from defaulting on loans for the first time ever. but on sunday the president said if that's going to happen an agreement needs to be in place in just ten days. is there any chance that will happen? we'll get the latest from the white house just ahead. also ahead, william and catherine wrapped up their north american tour with a visit to california over the weekend. we'll have the highlights including exclusive behind the scenes access to their luncheon from our "today" contributor. she even met the prince. we're going to talk to her about her experience. plus, a warning to parents. backyard trampolines are becoming very popular, but they also come with big safety concerns. coming up, one family shares their cautionary story. we're going to meet a newborn so big doctors have already given him a nickname, the moose. at more than 16 pounds, jamichael brown could be the largest baby ever born in texas. everything is bigger in texas. he's going to join us along with his proud parents.
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let's begin this morning with our top story. the debt ceiling standoff in washington. nbc's kristen welker is at the white house with latest on this story. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, ann. president obama met with congressional leaders on sunday to try to get a deal done. that didn't happen. in fact, one official with knowledge of the discussion tells me it was a bit tense. lawmakers are hoping to get a deal done within the next ten days so it can be processed by that august 2nd deadline. their ties were off, but the heat was on as the president and congressional leaders met sunday for a second time in less than a week to try to salvage the deal to raise the debt limit. when a reporter asked if a deal could be reached in ten days, president obama was quick to respond. >> we need to. >> "we need to," said mr. obama, but can they? the same group met last thursday and it seemed both sides were considering a big deal, which would mean roughly $4 trillion in deficit reductions over the next decade.
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the president was offering to put social security and medicare on the table in exchange for increasing tax revenue. but saturday night speaker boehner pulled the plug on the deal. gop sources say house republicans won't go for tax hikes. boehner is now calling for a package about half the size. in sunday's meeting, sources say, the president continued to push for a grand deal, but the two sides left as divided as ever. after the talks boehner released a statement reiterating, no tax hikes. senate majority leader harry reid fired back saying, the stakes are too high for republicans to keep taking the easy way out. >> we're going to try to get the biggest deal possible. >> reporter: on "meet the press" sunday, treasury secretary timothy geithner warned if congress doesn't raise the nation's borrowing limit by august 2nd, the u.s. will default on its loans for the first time in history. >> and if that happens, you're going to see catastrophic damage across the american economy and across the global economy.
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it's not something we -- failure is not an option. >> reporter: the international monetary fund's new chief echoed those concerns. >> nasty consequences, not just for the united states but for the entire global economy. >> reporter: but senate minority leader mitch mcconnell held the line. >> to get a big package would require big tax increases in the middle of an economic situation that's extraordinarily difficult with 9.2% unemployment. it's a terrible idea. it's a job killer. >> reporter: now, president obama will speak about the issue later on this morning. white house officials tell me he will continue to push for a big deal. he's going to meet with congressional leaders again this afternoon. it seems like the one thing all sides can agree on, they do want to get a deal done soon. >> ann? >> kristen welker, thank you so much. republican senator jim demint of south carolina is author of a new book called "the great american awakening: two years
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that changed america and washington." good morning. >> ann, it's good to be with you. >> the clock is ticking, senator. what do you think the chances are of a deal in ten days? >> well, it's been frustrating. the president has been talking about this for six months. he agreed six months ago that we couldn't raise taxes in the down economy. now suddenly he says in order to have any cuts, we're going to have to raise taxes. and he still has not given us a proposal that we can accept or reject. it's been frustrating -- >> are you saying here that the chances are very slim? what are you saying here about whether it can be done in ten days, senator? >> ann, i think what you're going to see this week is absent of a president's proposal is -- you'll see republicans in the house and the senate supporting a new bill that will give the president the increase in the debt limit he wants in return for some reasonable cuts next year, some caps on spending over ten years with the stakes to ratify.
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this is the kind of thing that doesn't cut social security or medicare. it gives the states a chance to decide whether or not we need to live within our means. and it gives us time over the next several years to do the reforms in our tax codes, social security, and medicare that we need to do. so last year's election, ann, was about getting control of our debt, and we'll never do it if we don't stop spending more than we're bringing in. >> you over the weekend on this topic called secretary geithner's warning, which of course we just heard in this last piece, of a potential economic catastrophe. you called it irresponsible adding he's playing chicken little here. are you questioning his expertise or his motivation, senator? >> i'm questioning what he's saying because we are not going to default. we've got enough tax revenue to pay our bills. it certainly will be disruptive if we continue on the track we're going right now. but we have enough assets and social security, medicare trust fund to pay those benefits for
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several years, if necessary. it's not ideal, but we don't need to panic and rush into a deal. and the president has actually been burning the clock with these secret negotiations, pushing us up against a deadline so he can create this panic. we need to keep calm, and if the president will work with us on some reasonable cuts, we'll work with him on giving him an increase on the debt limit. but now is not the time to panic and do something else that's going to make our economy worse and cost us more jobs. >> it's interesting you say not to panic because we also heard the head of the imf saying there will be global consequences if this is not done very quickly. what makes you so confident that there's enough money to pay these bills, including the social security checks? >> ann, we need to listen to what they're saying. geithner and the head of the imf are saying if we default it will be catastrophic. we're not going to default.
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we've got the money. the only way we will default is if secretary geithner and the president choose to default. they're required by law to pay our bills. they're also required by law to pay social security and medicare. so we don't need to panic. we would like to get this deal done. we will give the president an increase in the debt limit, but only if the democrats help us send to the states an opportunity to ratify a balanced budget amendment to the constitution. >> i want to ask you a question about your new book, with little time left, but you write in your book the 2012 elections, quote, could be our last chance to rescue america from disaster. if that is true, why do you say you're not considering run for president, senator? >> well, i still don't see a president in the mirror, ann. but i do believe 2012 could be our last chance because, as a businessman, i understand that the way this president is taking
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is going to continue to hurt our economy and cost us jobs. we need a president who understands the urgency of the hour in returning the first principles, those principles that made america exceptional. what this president is doing, growing the government, expanding the debt, we cannot take another four years. >> all right. on that note we need to leave it. senator jim demint, thank you so much for joining us this morning. >> thanks, ann. nbc news will have live coverage of the president's news conference today at 11:00 in the morning eastern, 8:00 a.m. pacific time, here on nbc. all right. let's get a check now of the rest of the morning's top stories from natalie morales over at the news desk this morning. good morning. >> good morning, everyone. new defense secretary leon panetta is in baghdad this morning on his first visit from the pentagon as rocket strikes pound the green zone this morning. our correspondent jim miklaszewski is there. good morning. >> reporter: good morning,
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natalie. u.s. military officials are telling us three or four rockets hit the green zone this morning. they're saying this is clearly a welcome shot for secretary panetta, who told us in an interview just a few minutes ago that iraqi extremists that are being armed by iran with sophisticated weapons are targeting and killing americans. 15 american soldiers were killed just last month. and one soldier told us this morning they're coming after us. now, in our interview with secretary panetta he said that he's demanding that iran back off and that the iraqi security forces step up to protect the americans. but if that doesn't happen he says that he has the authority to order the u.s. military into action. and that could mean preemptive combat strikes against those extremists. the problem, however, is that as the american military starts to withdraw from iraq, they're all supposed to be out by the end of this year, those attacks against u.s. forces are only expected to rise. natalie? >> jim miklaszewski in baghdad for us this morning.
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thanks so much, jim. in russia, hope of finding survivors is fading this morning after an old soviet era tourist cruise ship sank sunday. more than a dozen people have been confirmed dead so far and more than 80 other passengers are feared dead, as well. emergency officials say the boat was carrying more than its licensed capacity. a firefighter who died at a texas rangers baseball game last week will be remembered today. shannon stone fell to his death while trying to catch a ball for his 6-year-old son who was seated beside him in the stands. the 39-year-old's funeral will be held today in his hometown of brownwood, texas. it's monday. off to work for the shuttle "atlantis" astronauts who are delivering a year's worth of food, clothes and other supplies to the space station. they're monitoring a piece of space junk that could come too close to the joint spacecraft on tuesday. and as you saw here earlier,
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a major comeback for team usa in germany battling soccer great brazil. at the 122nd minute, american abby wambach tied up the game with a header 2-2, keeping team usa alive and sending them into a shoot-out. and their goalie, hope solo, saved the day, blocking a penalty kick for the game. only shootout save. team usa won 5-3 with penalty kicks. they take on france in the semifinals on wednesday. ann, you said it, all calling them team destiny. by the way, that win came with them being down a woman, down a person after suffering a red card earlier in the game. >> natalie, thank you so much. good point. wow. that was really fun. exciting, wasn't it? >> great. >> apparently they got a bad play -- a call early on that they didn't like and came back and had the best game of their lives. >> that's the thing. you face adversity and that's how you feel better about your big win. but, boy, that is -- it's so
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exciting. anyway, what's also exciting is we have mr. roker back from vacation time. >> exciting. >> no, right up there though. >> thank you very much. i'm about to do a header right off this set. let's show you what we've got. and we are talking about the heat. man, boston, new york city, washington, d.c., today, we are talking about temperatures near 90 degrees or above. look at these heat indexes back through the midwest. chicago down to new orleans, it's going to feel like it's over 110 degrees in some sections. we're going to continue that heat. we've got a risk of strong storms from the montana -- from billings, montana, back to cleveland. possibility of tornadoes. look back there in the plains. talking anywhere from e we're talking about from three to five inches of rain in some of these thunderstorms. that's what's going on around the country. here''s what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> i'm christina loren. we're looking at a really nice second half of the day. kind of cloudy, especially near the coast. watch out for fog along the bridges, mostly clear later on today.
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highs in the 70s. even cooler today than it was yesterday and temps keep tumbling all the way through wednesday, 78 degrees, that's it in redwood city. 70 in san francisco. 79, a beautiful day in wine country for santa rosa. down to 70 on wednesday. then we start to climb but not by much. that's latest weather. savannah? >> thanks. william and catherine are back home in england today following their whirlwind weekend in california. the duke and duchess did not disappoint their legions of fans in the golden state. nbc's peter alexander covered the royal visit and he's in los angeles this morning with the details. peter, good morning. >> everyone would agree this was a near flawless trip. all said and done they were on the ground here in the u.s. for barely 48 hours. finding a delicate balance between business and pleasure. in the process making a pretty good first impression on their american hosts. a picture perfect finale to william and kate's first american tour.
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the duke and duchess of cam bridge saving their most meaningful stops for last. >> thank you for coming! >> reporter: visiting underprivileged children at this inner city arts program. ♪ the newlyweds seemed at ease enjoying their creative side putting their hands together in slabs of clay. later the royals showed their support at a job fair for american veterans. >> enormous that they're here. they are a military family and they are the most celebrated military family in the world. >> reporter: the couple began sunday mingling with the likes of reese witherspoon at a luncheon protecting wildlife. then a black tie affair. kate stunning the alexander the queen, earrings on loan from queen elizabeth herself. and there for the only time in america, they pause to greet a few fans. among the celebrities rubbing elbows with the future king and
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queen of england, tom hanks, barbra streisand, and nicole kidman. >> when they get together magic happens. >> reporter: saturday morning the couple helicoptered into santa barbara for a charity polo match, breezing down the red carpet. >> my father, the prince of wales, and my brother harry, were green as the grass outside when i told them i would be here today. >> reporter: the prince put on a show, scoring four goals to lead his team to victory. his reward, a rare public kiss. and a trophy from his wife. their admirers were schmidten. >> i get goose bumps. >> my breath was taken away, for sure. >> why are americans fascinated by your royalty? >> because they're untouchable, exclusive. whenever they come to america they sprinkle fairy dust. >> reporter: the royal couple charmed crowds during their entire tour. kate's effortless style on display at every stop. and on their final day, the
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dutchess returned her compliment to their host, calling the farewell performance beautiful. and for their trans atlantic flight home william and kate did not take a private jet. instead they flew commercial, british airways, of course, to present themselves as a thoroughly modern royal couple. nbc news royal contributor covered william and catherine's trip to north america. robert, good morning. >> good morning. >> i think i knee the answer to this question but based on what you saw, how were they received in california? >> i think it was a fantastic reception. they really did a great performance and did themselves proud. after all, this was their first ever royal tour together. i thought catherine in particular was fantastic. >> i know william really impressed you with some of the remarks he made during this visit. >> i think william himself is showing that he's growing into this role. he did actually say to me when i met him in canada that he can't wait to get home because he wants to lie down in a darkened room in his farm house in north wales.
7:19 am
he's been really, really fan tastic on this trip. he has shown that he's a class about. >> they have obviously had the spotlight on them for days now. this was kate's first visit to the united states. she's never even been to new york. does she seem to be adjusting to the spotlight as well as she appears to? >> i think she in public certainly looks very, very poised and exceptionally good at what she does. in private when i met her back in canada she was a little more nervous, a little bit more hesitant about what she was doing. i think she's going to grow into the role and they're going to be a star team together. >> one of the things william and kate did was visit an art center for kids in l.a.s skid row. why was this important to them? >> this is very important. it goes back to the days of diana when william was a little boy and diana took him to these down and out centers in london and he met people living on the streets. he's never forgotten that. he wants to make sure that it's not all about glitz and glamour, that you're highlighting the needy causes, too. >> i notice they flew commercial back to england.
7:20 am
i guess that's part of that approach. obviously they have the glamour that the royalty has but want to keep in touch with the everyday people. >> that goes back to diana. she started flying economy which was a bit of an upset to the royals because they had to start doing it themselves. >> kate reflected that into her fashions. how did her look go over in california? >> i think she looked extremely beautiful, very poised. she's clever the way she picks all of these outfits. when she was in canada she was wearing canadian designers, in america, she wore an american designer, too. >> thank you. >> pleasure. speaking of the royal weekend in california, coming up, we have exclusive access to her luncheon for william and catherine. plus, casey anthony prepares for life on the outside. where will she go now? will she have any contact with her family? we'll talk exclusively to a member of her defense team.
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but first, this is "today" on nbc.
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just ahead, the 16-plus pound baby who could be the biggest ever born in texas. >> we'eell mt him live.ll right after your local news.
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>> good monday morning to you. 7:26 now. i'm laura garcia-cannon. east bay police are investigating two shootings on the same trail in about a week. today in the bay's christie smith joins us live from pittsburg with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. now that it's daylight out here police are going to be using metal detectors to see if they can find shell casings. they are also going to be expanding their search area to see if perhaps the victim might have been shot further down and staggered this way down the de anza trail before midnight when neighbors heard gun fire and called 911. police now say that man, the man
7:27 am
who was shot, is out of surgery but so far no arrests. and this follows a shooting last week, same trail, a 20-year-old man from pittsburg was shot. he has died. investigators don't believe that it's random. we have calls in to pittsburg police to see if there is any connection. reporting live in pittsburg, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> sun shining on christie out there. let's see how hot it is with christina loren. >> you didn't see blue skies back there, you saw the white. we've got overcast conditions right now all the way from san francisco inland, so as a result of that cool marine air temps are going to climb into the upper 70s about 10 to 15 degrees cooler today than what we see our highs this time of year. after all we are well into july now. 78 in redwood city, 77 los gatos. we continue to cool off all the way into wednesday. 70 degrees, that's it. might need a jacket in july on wednesday. let's check the drive with mike.
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>> a half hour from the carquinez bridge, slow speeds into the 40s and below approaching this toll plaza. the backup pretty mild back toward the 880 overcrossing and slowing from west grand avenue, slow around the san mateo bridge, castro valley and livermore over a half hour out of the altamont pass. a new sigalert for eastbound 4 into antioch due to an accident. we're tracking that. >> thank you very much. 7:28. for the latest traffic and news check out nbc bay area morning news on facebook.
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7:30 now on this monday morning, the 11th day of july, 2011. take a look at this. a nice shot from top of the rock as we kick off the start of a new workweek. we we have a big concert coming up at the end of the week, chris brown will be here on friday to perform some of his many hits live on our concert stage. this morning inside studio 1-a, i'm ann curry alongside savannah guthrie. she's in for matt this morning. nice to have you here. >> nice to be here. >> coming up this morning, the
7:31 am
questions surrounding the upcoming release of casey anthony, where will she live, how will she earn a living? coming up, a member of her defense team speaks out in an exclusive live interview. plus, much more on william and catherine's california visit. "today" contributor giada de laurentiis cooked for them on a star-studded luncheon over the weekend. what was that like? did she get to meet the royal couple? she's going to share the details with us. we're also going to meet, and take a look at this, a record-setting newborn. this little guy is just three days old and weighs more than 16 pounds. he's the biggest baby ever born at this hospital and perhaps the largest ever in the state of texas. we'll talk to his parents. >> he makes us see right through it. let's begin with casey anthony. in six days she will walk out of a florida jail a free woman. in a moment we'll talk exclusively to one of her defense attorneys. but first, nbc's kerry sanders is outside the jail in orlando. kerry, good morning.
7:32 am
>> reporter: good morning, savannah. casey anthony is solitary in a cell here as she has been for the last three years. now perhaps even more so. it's designed to protect her from other inmates who may want to attack her to make a name for themselves. when she is released here on sunday it's unclear what time she will be released or if it will be from this facility. it's possible she will be transferred to another facility. to protect her from the community's raw outrage. >> murder, verdict as to count one, we the jury find the defendant not guilty. >> reporter: the verdict sent shockwaves because it was unexpected by many. casey anthony acquitted of murdering her 2-year-old daughter caylee. moments later -- >> providing false information to law enforcement officer, verdict as to count four, we the jury find the defendant guilty. >> reporter: guilty on four counts of lying to police, misdemeanors. the judge sentenced casey to the maximum allowed by law, four years in jail. but for time already served she will be free on sunday.
7:33 am
>> caylee, caylee, caylee! >> reporter: for some, the verdict and sentence has sparked outrage. >> for the sentence, it's not justice at all. even life in jail would not have been justice for me. >> she got away with murder, in my opinion. >> reporter: prosecutors say they thought they presented a strong case. but the jury saw otherwise. >> a verdict of not guilty simply means that the jury didn't feel that she was proven to be guilty. it's not the same as saying that she's innocent. we will never truly know as a matter of fact whether she is innocent or not. >> reporter: now lawmakers in at least a dozen states are considering legislation for caylee's law. if passed the law would make it a crime should a parent fail to report a missing child to police within 48 hours. casey anthony waited 31 days to report her daughter missing. >> had this been in place before the caylee anthony
7:34 am
disappearance, that casey anthony would not be walking out of that jail next week. she would be a felon in the state of florida under what we're proposing as caylee's law. >> reporter: with just days before her release, there are unanswered questions, what will casey do next and where will she take her new found note righty. it's unlikely she'll go home to her parents where she lived with caylee. friday casey's mother cindy tried to visit her mother in jail. but casey refused. it's not just casey anthony's security that's a concern. juror number 12 has gone into hiding. her husband tells nbc news because of the lack bash she picked up a phone, called her boss, retired, packed a bag, and left the state. her husband says that as she was leaving she said she would rather spend time in jail than ever serve on a jury again. >> all right. in orlando, kerry, thank you.
7:35 am
cheney mason is one of casey anthony's defense attorneys. he's with us exclusively this morning. mr. mason, good morning. thank you for being with us. >> good morning. >> let's start right there. i know you received death threats, casey anthony has certainly received death threats. she's out in less than a week. where can she go? >> i don't know. if i did, i wouldn't tell you. she's going to obviously be safe. >> are you concerned about her safety? >> yes. we're all concerned about her safety. and her future. one thing at a time. >> well, as we saw in the piece, cindy anthony, her mother, attempted to visit her in jail over the weekend. casey refused to see her. is this family relationship beyond repair? >> i don't know that anything is ever beyond repair, but i would say that odds are pretty strong that it is. she may have a relationship in the future with her brother at some point. i may expect that. i don't know when or how, but i think with the parents, that's pretty well burned.
7:36 am
>> she can't go home. at this point she has to be one of the most recognizable women in this country. a recent gallop poll found nearly two thirds of americans believe she is guilty. would you advise her to leave the country? >> no. this is as much her country as anybody else's. she just needs to have some time and counseling and be re-introduced into society. she's been in lockdown for 23 hours a day. >> you mentioned counseling. there wasn't but a couple of weeks ago in the middle of the trial your defense team asked her to be declared incompetent to stand trial. you felt her mental issues were such that she needed to be in a mental health facility. do you still believe that? >> first of all, you're wrong. you got bad information. no one was asking her to be found incompetent. we just wanted to have her examined to make sure she was okay to continue with the trial. >> you thought there was reason, some sufficient reason to ask the judge in the middle of the trial to determine whether she was competent, correct? >> yes.
7:37 am
if she's under a lot of pressure. like i said, not only is she in trial for her life, but when she's not in the trial, then she's back in lockdown. and just imagine 23 hours a day for 3 years, most people would be drooling. she's tough. we needed to find out if she was okay. >> you're not saying she's mentally ill now. >> no, she's not. >> let's talk about the trial. ultimately she exercised her constitutional right not to testify. did she want to testify? >> i guess she's the only one that knows that for sure. we certainly talked about it for a long time. mr. baez and i had conferences with her. she's a very intelligent person and independent. and we, of course, advised her based on my experiences, i wouldn't want her to go through that. she certainly wasn't afraid to. that was the last-minute final decision on her part. >> she was closely watched during this trial. did you or your co-counsel ever coach her on her demeanor, tell
7:38 am
her to not be as expressive as she sometimes was? >> we sometimes warned her when the cameras were focusing on her, but she's pretty savvy and nobody coached her about doing anything. if anything, we tried to keep her emotions down but it's pretty hard to do when your family is testifying against you and people are calling for your blood like a lynch mob, as you say, two-thirds of this country, that's the mentality of the country and constitutional rights is ignore the jury? that's a shame. >> you made an allegation, defense counsel made an allegation in this trial that george anthony had molested his daughter casey and then there was no evidence at all to back that up. once that allegation is out there though, as you know in the law, you can't unring the bell. jurors don't forget it. my question to you is was that a brilliant defense strategy or was it a dirty trick? >> it wasn't a dirty trick.
7:39 am
the allegation wasn't new in trial. it had been made in the public eye from letters written in the jail for some time before that. sometimes evidence or testimony in trial doesn't turn out to be what you expect it to be. nothing more about that. >> do you believe that casey anthony is innocent, not just not guilty and the prosecutors didn't prove her case, but do you believe her story? >> i believe her story. i believed it from the first time i met her. it was several weeks before i actually formally was on the team, i went to her home. her room, where the photographs are, and talked to her. i never for one minute have no doubt at all. she did not kill her daughter, period. >> let me ask you, if this child proved anything at all, she is an accompliced liar.
7:40 am
if anything beyond a reasonable dou -- i don't think you would dispute that. you're a veteran defense attorney. why do you think she's suddenly telling the truth? >> i don't know that it's sudden. i don't think her story, her position has changed from the very beginning. people's awareness of her is certainly greater than it used to be. it's no question she told a lot of stories to friends and so forth from a protective mechanism. i think we presented evidence of that. >> very quickly. i know you've had your moments of frustration with some of the media coverage here. i think we even have a shot of you making a gesture to somebody when the frustration boiled over. my question to you is, there's no argument that some of the media did convict her in the press. but is it the result here an acquittal on the most serious charges kind of turn that on its head, the idea that you can be convicted in the press and not get a fair trial? >> she was not only tried but convicted and sentenced by the news media, and that conviction was overturned by the jury. and another thing i'll straighten out is, my frustrations are not with the news media itself or in general.
7:41 am
there is one particular stalker that had been stalking our defense team morning, noon, and night, every day of the trial, yelling obscenities and threatening and trying to embarrass and expose mr. baez, myself, and the others. went so far as to even ask some of the women on our team, on the street, whether or not they were on their periods, and that little non-human person deserved what he got. >> meaning your gesture. >> he's fortunate he wasn't in the same room. >> cheney mason, good to have you in person. thank you. > now let's get a check of the weather from al. >> narrator: "today's" weather is brought to you by usaa, proudly serving the men and women who protect our freedom and their families. and good morning, everybody. got some friends here. fans of harry potter. emma watson is going to be here at 8:30. yeah. let's check your weather. look at the week ahead.
7:42 am
above normal temperatures for the eastern two-thirds of the couny and in early part of the week. below normal temperatures in the west. mid part of the week, wet weather in the southeast and normal conditions. cooler out west. latter part of the week we've got normal conditions along the here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> good morning to you. yeah, it's a coolish start for us this morning. it will be cloudy for the first part of the day, then we'll lose the cloud cover. highs in the 70s with a building breeze today. winds will pick up. temps continue to tumble all the way through wednesday. so, this is not even going to be the coolest day of the week. we're already running about 5 to 15 degrees below our seasonal average for this time of year. get ready for a break. 79 in san jose. up to 80 on thursday. 83 degrees on friday. your weather any time of the day or night. check it on cable or online.
7:43 am
savannah. >> al, thank you. coming up next, the 3-day-old boy who could be the biggest baby ever born in texas. you'll meet him, right after
7:44 am
7:45 am
back now at 6:33. they say everything is bigger in texas. that certainly holds true for a baby boy born over the weekend. jamichael brown was 16 pounds 1 ounce. doctors say say suspected he would be big, just not that big. he's joining us this morning along with his parents janet johnson and michael brown. good morning, everybody. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> janet, i understand you've been feeling tired, which, of course, would be certainly justified this morning. how are you and jamichael doing? >> okay. >> yeah? >> we're doing okay. yeah. >> i know that you gave birth via cesarean and that you suffered from gestational
7:46 am
diabetes during the pregnancy. are doctors at all worried about him as a result of that, or is everything going to be fine, janet? >> they think he's going to be fine. >> well, that's certainly some good news. michael, what was your reaction when you found out how big your son is and that he's broken the record for the hospital? >> just amazed when he came out. i mean, how big he was. >> that's right. he's two feet tall. you're 6'6'', so you're a big guy already. he's two feet tall. his head measures at 16 inch, chest, 17 inches. are you thinking you might be a football player? have you been wanting a football player in your family? >> yeah, maybe basketball player. >> a basketball player. >> go ahead. i'm sorry to interrupt you. go ahead, michael. >> no, i just -- i'm just proud
7:47 am
of him. i'm just proud. proud family. >> and, janet, i understand that you might have to go do some shopping. is it true that he's already out grown all of his baby clothes? >> a lot of the stuff that he bought him is too little, so we'll have to exchange a lot of stuff. >> well, i know you've got -- i know you have a full life with him on your hands. thank you so much. i know you just gave birth three days ago so it's so sweet of you, janet, to join us with your new baby and your husband, michael brown. thanks so much to all of you. >> thank you. >> all right. still ahead this morning, jennifer lopez joins us live and she has a special announcement to make. but first, these messages. ñ÷ñññ
7:48 am
7:49 am
7:50 am
back now at 7:50. britain's best-selling tabloid "news of the world" issues the final edition on sunday amid the widening phone hacking scandal. nbc's stephanie goss is in london with the latest. >> rupert murdoch bought "news of the world" but it has been loved by readers and feared by the politicians, celebrities and royals that it has regularly exposed. in its final edition editors asked the reading public not to judge the paper by this scandal but instead by its years in print. with the ink barely dry on the
7:51 am
final edition of "the news of the world" rupert murdoch traveled to the uk to manage the damage control personally. on display his so far unqualified support from rebecca brooks, former editor of the paper and now a trusted executive at news corp. smiles for the cameras but calls for hooks to resign are growing louder. one of the most damaging allegations the paper faces is a phone hacking of a 13-year-old murder victim. charismatic redhead was editor of "news of the world "account at the time. >> if she goes that puts a spotlight on rupert murdoch's son james and if he is vulnerable rupert murdoch is himself. >> reporter: he is widely seen as his father's heir apparent. >> james murdoch and rebecca brooks cannot deny responsibility. >> reporter: brook clings to her job as hundreds of "news of the world" employees lost theirs.
7:52 am
fired suddenly with just three months' pay and a promise that newscorp. will do its best to find new positions. one recording brook taking tough questions from an openly hostile staff. >> you're calling our newspaper toxic. do you think we'd want to work for you again? >> reporter: the final edition had a simple head lip "thank you and good-bye." insi inside, editorial read, quite simply, we lost our way. the tabloid is finished but the scandal continues to spiral out of control, reaching the highest echelons of british power. prime minister david cameron is being publicly criticized for hiring another former editor of "news of the world" for his spokesman. he was arrested last week for his alleged involvement in the phone hacking and payments to police officers for news tips. the british media are reporting there could be as many as 12 new arrests in the coming days. there's evidence that news corp's business is being effected.
7:53 am
a merger here in this country with a multibillion dollar british network could be put on hold and there are some fears that ininvestigations could be opened into newscorp's other hollings including those in the u.s. just ahead, we're going to switch gears and talk to giada de laurentiis. @
7:54 am
7:55 am
7:56 am
>> good morning to you. 7:56 now. i'm laura garcia-cannon. arson investigators are on the scene at a daly city elementary school. fire crews responded to a one alarm fire at skyline elementary school sunday night. reports show the fire started outside of the back area of the school. then spread to a reading lab. investigators have not ruled out it was arson and are trying to find the source of the blaze. >> the final pieces of the eastern span of the bay bridge will soon make their way to the bay area. crews are loading the final pieces onto a transport ship today. it will make the 22-day voyage from china to oakland by outsourcing the project saved $400 million. the california department of transportation also chose the maker because it has a huge
7:57 am
crane needed to lift the pieces of the span. the eastern span is scheduled to be open in 2013. >> time to collect the forecast now with meteorologist christina loren. >> good morning to you. a cloudy cool start. do not fret tcht sun will be out later on today. our temperatures not going to be able to climb that much, just the 70s across the board. by the middle of the week temps tumble. i'll get to the seven-day in a minute. 79 degrees in livermore. 78 in redwood city and 75 in santa cruz. if you are waking up with us this morning near the coast, count on mostly cloudy conditions until about noon. maybe 12:30. then that cloud bank will break apart and our temps will climb into the 70s, mid 70s tomorrow down to 70 degrees on wednesday. the good news is we'll get the 80s back in the mix thursday into friday and a little warmer as we head through sunday. you can give your ac a break. let's get your drive information. >> no break there but hitting the brakes because of a closure eastbound highway 4, as you come
7:58 am
under the love bridge overcrossing. police activity from what i understand. so there is the slowing. westbound, right around bailey there is an accident. slow because of the distraction on the other side of the freeway through antioch. additional through the area into pittsburg and bay point. the backup at the toll plaza is back to the maze. the volume starting to bump up in toward oakland and toward the bay bridge crossover into the city. >> thank you. for the latest traffic and news updates check out nbc bay area morning news on facebook. i'll have a local update in about a half hour.
7:59 am
8:00 am
8:00 now on a monday morning, july 11th, 2011. active crowd here at rockefeller plaza. it's going to be a warm day outside. we head into the 90 snz. >> yes, ma'am. high humidity. >> we're going to get more on this forecast coming up in just a moment. meantime, i'm ann curry along with savannah guthrie and al roker. back from vacation. matt has the morning off. just ahead, exclusive look at william and catherine's visit to california. the charity event, a polo event there. a meal was prepared by our very own giada de laurentiis. she got to meet the prince.
8:01 am
there they are. do you think she's even going to talk to us? >> yes. >> she made us curtsi when i saw her earlier today. >> we're going to find out more about that bs what happened there. what else? >> also some summertime fun but we'll talk about the dangers of the backyard trampolines. people love them. they're kid magnets. if you aren't careful they could lead to serious injuries. precaution you need to take before you let them bounce away. on a lighter note, we have got one heck of a barbecue competiti competition. we have got firefighters/chefs. three of the best from across the country taking part in our first-ever firehouse cookoff. yum, yum, get the fire alarms going there. >> no kidding. a three alarm for sure. anyway, before we get to any of that, the news with natalie at the news desk. >> good morning to you once again. good morning, everyone. president obama and congressional leaders are meeting with new urgency today over the budget crisis.
8:02 am
on sunday at the white house the president pushed lawmakers for a multi-trillion dollar deal to bring down the deficit and raise the borrowing limit. however, house speaker john boehner said a smaller package is more realistic to divert a u.s. default on the debt payments. let's head to wall street. mandy is at the new york stock exchange. >> good morning, natalie. today is the tickoff of the second quarter earnings season. the focus here is on what corporate america is telling the markets about the fate of the economy, especially after friday's very poor report on job creation. as you mentioned, also focusing on the talks resuming today on trying to get a debt and budget deal done. there are also concerns over italy that this is the new nexus of the crisis of the problems over in europe. and gas prices are ticking up once again. at this stage, aaa says $3.63 on average is now what you have to pay for a gallon, versus a week
8:03 am
ago, $3.56. back to you. >> mandy drury at the new york stock exchange. thank you. exposing more of the scandal now at the news of the world that the british tabloid reportedly tried to hack the phones of 9/11 victims. rupert murdock's best-selling weekly folded after sunday's edition in the wake of the phone hacking scandal. and funeral services begin tuesday in california for former first lady betty ford who died friday in palm springs. she will be laid to rest next to her husband, former president jegerald ford, in michigan on thursday. she helped desigma advertised treatment for substance abuse, 93 years old. here's brian williams with a look at what's coming up tonight on nbc "nightly news qu." >> coming up tonight, if you live in southern california you know what karmageddon is. for the rest of us, wait for the countdown when they shut down
8:04 am
the highway. a preview for you tonight. natalie, for now, back to you. >> thanks, brian. for a quick look at what's trending today. tourists who want something unusual are searching google for alcatraz by night. visitors can tour the rock by lantern lights to see where the likes of al capone and machine gun kelly slept behind bars. people are searching hollywood's weekend's baby boom on yahoo!. kate hudson revealed her engagement on this show gave birth to her second son on saturday. and victoria and david beckham welcomes their fourth child on sunday. they finally got their baby girl, her name harper seven, believed to be named after beckham's former soccer jersey number. facebook is exploding with congratulations again for the u.s. women's soccer team as they advance to the world cup semifinals. they came from behind in a heart-stopping victory over brazil on sunday, tieing the match with a header that then surging ahead on penalty quikic
8:05 am
winning it 5-3. the semifinal game wednesday and noon. let's have a party, okay, girls? >> no question about it. hey, i'll make the chicken fingers. >> thanks so much. >> i'll bring the beer. >> okay. all right. let's get to al with a check of the weather. >> i vote for pigs in a blanket. we got a lot of people out here all getting ready for emma watson, who will be here in our next half hour. awfully cool. let's check your weather, see what's happening. and we have got our pick city of the day. nbc 6 on your si. w neleans, thunderstorms. 95 degrees. yikes. as we look atthew es r of the country, strong storms firing up through the plains. there's a risk of strong storms today stretching the plains into the central great lakes. looking hot and steamy. temperatures well into the 100s in the southern plains. hundreds in southern nevada as
8:06 am
well. more warm weather with high humiditity here in the northeast. good morning to you. taking a live look at the golden gate bridge, you can see what we're talking about all morning long. we're socked in with fog and the marine layer is so deep. it's going to hang around for a while, possibly until 12:00, 12:30. mostly clear later on. by the middle of the week, temps are tumbling. highs of 70 degrees on wednesday. enjoy today. 78 in redwood city. 79 in livermore. here's the cooldown as promised. have a great day. thantd lats your latest weather. >> al, thanks. coming up, what's it like to cook for royalty? "today" contributor giada de laurentiis takes us behind the scenes for the duke and duchess of boy, i'm glad we got aflac huh. aflac! oh, i've just got major medical...
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8:10 am
back now at 8:09 this morning with kicking can giada, royal luncheon for the duke and duchess of cambridge. giada de laurentiis had the chance to cook for them in santa barbara, california. we can't wait to hear how it went. >> i can honestly say besides my wedding and the birth of my daughter saturday was probably the most exciting day of my life. here's a behind the scenes look at how it all came together. long before the festivities began at the santa brar bra polo club the food preparations started 70 miles to the south at a small catering company in an industrial section of los angeles. on friday with only 24 hours to go we turned the heat up on the cooking. these are the main course, the sweet corn lasagna.
8:11 am
this is where we grill all the vegetables. can you believe it? it's good. it's really good. >> awesome. >> 1500 shrimp, 100 pounds of penne and over 9,000 cookies. all needing to be done to perfection for the duke and duchess, and all the other guests attending the event. cooking in different ovens and making these recipes bigger than ever, i never expected to feed 3500 people, so i think that's the challenge. the food travels to the event in refrigerated trucks. all right. so these are the trucks. all right, you guys. take good care of my this is an nbc news special report. here's brian williams. good day and to the white
8:12 am
house we go, when in under two minutes, we will hear in the president of the united states. the president will be behind him in a moment. chuck, what blew up these talks? by saturday, they blew up and john boehner drew out of the big deal. the reason, his own house republicans didn't have any intention of putting taxes on the table. it was tense, it was cordial and
8:13 am
what happened after the meeting, the decision was made is that republicans would come back with a smaller plan, and of course the white house is concerned, they want the president to use this press conference to at least outline what he believes his big plan ought to be, which includes potentially cuts in social as well as tax increases, brian. >> okay, chuck todd, we'll let you take a seat in the front row as the president prepares to enter. call it a big deal, call it a grand bargain, whatever it is, both sides were at least engaged in this talk and what you're about to see is the president using the communication powers of the incumbency as the door opens and he enters. >> good morning, everybody. i want to give a quick update on what's happening with the debt negotiations from my perspective and then i'm going to take a few questions. as all of you know, i met with congressional leaders yesterday, we're going to be meeting again today and we're going to meet every single day until we get
8:14 am
this thing resolved. the good news is that all the leaders continue believe, rightly, that it is not acceptable for us not to raise the debt ceiling. and to allow the u.s. government to default. we cannot threaten the united states's full faith and credit for the first time in our history. we still have a lot of work to do, though, to get this problem solved. and so let me just make a couple of points. first of all, all of us agree that we should use this opportunity to do something meaningful on debt and deficits. and the reports that have been out there have been largely accurate, that speaker boehner and myself had been in a series of conversations about doing the biggest deal possible, soa we could actually resolve our debt
8:15 am
and our deficit challenge for a long stretch of time. and i want to say i appreciate speaker boehner's good-faith efforts on that front. what i emphasized to the brooder group of congressional leaders yesterday, is now is the time to deal with these issues. if not now, when? i have been hearing from my republican friends for quite some time that it is a moral imperative for us to tackle our debt and our deficits in a serious way. i have been hearing from them that this is one of the things that's creating uncertainty, holding back investment on the part of the business community. and so what i have said to them is, let's go. and it is possible for us to construct a package that would be balanced, would share sacrifice, would involve both
8:16 am
parties taking on their sacred cows, would involve some meaningful changes to medicare, social security and medicaid that would preserve the integrity of the programs and keep our sacred trust with our seniors, but make sure those programs were there for not just this generation, but for the next generation, that it is possible for us to bring in revenues in a way that does not impede our current recovery, but is fair and balanced. we have agreed to a series of spending cuts that will make the government leaner, meaner, more effective, more efficient and give taxpayers a greater bang for their buck. that includes defense spending, that includes health spending, it includes some programs that i like very much. and it would be nice to have, but that we can't afford right
8:17 am
package, we could achieve a situation in which our deficits were at a manageable level and our debt levels were stabilized. and the economy as a whole, i would think would benefit from that. moreover, i think it would give the american people enormous confidence that this town can actually do something once in a while. that we can defy the expectations that we're always thinking in terms of short-term politics in the next election, and every once in a while we break out of that and we do what's right for the country. so i continue to push congressional leaders for the largest possible deal. and there's going to be resistance, there's frankly resistance on my side to do anything on entitlements. there is a strong resistance on the republican side to do anything on revenues.
8:18 am
but if each side takes a maximalist position, each side wants 100% of what it's ideological predispositions are, then we can't get anything done. and i think the american people want to get something done, they feel a sense of urgency, about the situation in the economy. what i said to our leaders is that, bring something back to me that you think can get the necessary number of votes in the house and the senate. i'm willing to consider all options, all alternatives that they're looking at. the things i will not consider are a 30-day or a 60-day, or a 90-day, or a 180-stay temporary stopgap resolution to this
8:19 am
problem. this is the united states of america, and we don't manage our affairs in three-month increments, we didn't risk u.s. default on our obligations because we can't put politics aside. actually, i have been very clear to them. we're going to resolve this, and we're going to resolve this for a reasonable period of time and we're going to resolve it in a serious way. and my hope is that as a consequence of negotiations that take place today, tomorrow, the next day, and through next weekend if necessary, then we're going to come up with a plan that solves our short-term debt and deficit problems, avoids default, stabilizes the economy, and proves to the american people that we can actually get things done in this country and in this town. all right, with that, i'm going
8:20 am
to take some questions. >> thank you very much, mr. president, given that we're running out of time, what is your plan for where these talks go if republicans continue to oppose for tax reasons? and second about your point about no stop-gap measure, i know you're opposed to it, but would you be open to it? >> i will not sign a 30-day or a 60-da 6 60-day, or a 90-day extension. if you think it's hard now, imagine how these guys are going to be thinking six months in now in the middle of election season, when they're all up? it's not going to get easier, it's going to get harder. so we might as well do it now. pull off the band-aid, eat our peas. now is the time to do it.
8:21 am
if not now, when? we keep on talking about this stuff and we have these high-minded pronouncements about how we have got to get control of the deficit and how we owe it to our children and our grandchildren. well, let's step up. let's do it. i am prepared to do it. i am prepared to take on significant heat from my party to get something done. and i expect the other side should be willing to do the same thing. if they mean what they say, that this is important. and let me just then comment on this whole issue of tax increases, because there's been a lot of information floating around there. i want to be crystal clear, nobody has talked about increasing taxes now, nobody has talked about increasing taxes next year. what we have talked about is
8:22 am
that starting in 2013, that we have gotten rid of some of these loopholes. what we have talked about is that should have revenues and the best place to get these revenues is from folks like me who have been very fortunate. and that millionaires and billionaires can afford to pay a little bit more. and what i have also said to republicans is, if you don't like that formulation, then i'm happy to work with you on tax reform, that could potentially lower everybody's rates and broaden the base, as long as that package was sufficiently progressive so that we weren't balancing the budget on the backs of middle class families
8:23 am
and working class families and we weren't letting hedge fund managers or authors of best selling books off the hook. that is a reasonable proposition. so when you hear folks saying, well, the president shouldn't want, you know, massive job killing tax increases when the economy's this weak. nobody's looking to raise taxes right now. we're talking about potentially 2013 and the outer years. in fact, the only proposition that's out there about raising taxes next year, would be if we don't renew the payroll tax cuts that we passed in december and i'm in favor of renewing it for next year as well. but there's been some republicans who said we may not renew it. and if we didn't renew that, then the $1,000 that's been going to a typical american family, this year result of a
8:24 am
bill passed in december, that could weaken the economy. so i have bent over backwards to work with the republicans to try to come up with a formulation that doesn't require them to vote sometime in the next month to increase taxes. what i have said is, to identify a revenue package that makes sense, that's commensurate with the sacrifices we're asking other people to make, then i'm happy to work with you to figure out how else we might do it? >> do you see a path to a deal if they don't budge on taxes? >> i don't see a path to a deal unless they budge, period, if the basic proposition is, it's my way or the highway, then we're not going to get something done, because we have got a divided legislature.
8:25 am
if in fact, mitch mcconnell and john boehner are sincere and i believe they are, that they don't want to see the u.s. government default, then they're going to have to compromise just like democrats are going to have to compromise, just like i have shown myself willing to compromise. chip reid. >> thank you, mr. president. you said that everybody in the room is willing to do what they have to do, wants to get done by august 2, but people who aren't in the room, republican candidates and leaders of the tea party. a leading poll said that only 24% of americans want to raise taxes, there's 64% opposed to raise taxes. is it that you have failed to convince the american people you have a crisis here.
8:26 am
>> let me distinguish between professional politicians and the public at large. yeah, the public is not paying close attention to the ins and outs of how a treasury auction goes, they shouldn't. they're worrying about their family, they're worrying about their jobs, they're worrying about their neighborhood, they have got a lot of other things on their plate. we're paid to worry about it. i think, depending on how you phrased the question, if you said to the american people, is it a good idea for the united states not to pay its bills and potentially create another recession that could throw millions of more people out of work, i feel pretty confident i can get a majority on my side on that one. and that's the facts. if we don't raise the debt ceiling and we see a crisis of confidence in the markets, and suddenly interest rates are
8:27 am
going up significantly, and everybody is paying higher interest rates on their car loans, on their mortgages, on their credit cards, and that's sucking up a whole bunch of additional money out of the pockets of the american people, i promise you they won't like it. for them to say that we shouldn't be raising the debt ceiling, it's irresponsible, they know that. and this is not something that i am making up, this is not something that tim geithner is making up. we're not out here trying to use this as a means to do all these tough, political things, i would
8:28 am
rather be talking about stuff that everybody welcomes, like new programs, or the nfl season getting resolved. unfortunately, this is what's on our plate. it's before us right now. and we have got to deal with it. so what you're right about, i think, is that the leaders in the room here at certain point have to step up and do the right thing, regardless of the voices in the party that are trying to undermine that effort. i have a stake in john boehner successfully persuading his caucus that this is the right thing to do, just like he has a stake in me persuading the democratic party to take all this stuff on. >> do we come back to the $4 trillion debt? >> i think speaker boehner is
8:29 am
really sincere about doing something big, he would like to do something big, this is part of the problem, with a political process where folks are rewarded for saying irresponsible things to win elections or obtain short-term political gain when we actually are in a position to try to do something hard. we haven't always laid the ground work for it. and i think that it's going to take some work on his side. but, look, it's also going to take some work on our side, in order to get this thing done. i mean, the vast majority of democrats on capitol hill would prefer not to have to do anything on entitlements. would prefer, frankly, not to have to do anything on some of these debt and deficit problems. and i'm sympathetic to their
8:30 am
concerns, because they're looking at folks who are already hurting and already vulnerable, there are a lot of family out there and seniors who are dependent on some of these programs. and what i have tried to explain to them is, number one, if you look at the numbers, then medicare, in particular, will run out of money. and we will not be able to sustain that program. no matter how much taxes go up. i mean it's not an option for us to just sit by and do nothing. and if you're a progressive who cares about the integrity of social security and medicare, and medicaid, and believes that it is part of what makes our country great that we look after our seniors and we look at the most vulnerable, then we have an obligation to make sure that we make those changes that are required to make it sustainable over the long-term. and if you're a progressive that cares about investments in head
8:31 am
start and student loan programs and medical research and infrastructure, we're not going able to to make progress on those areas if we haven't gotten our fiscal house in order. so, you know, the argument i'm making to my party is, the values we care about, making sure that everybody in this country has a shot at the american dream, and everybody's out there with the opportunity to succeed if they work hard and live a responsible life and the government has a role to play in providing some of that opportunity through things like student loans, making sure that our roads and highways and airports are functioning and making sure that we're investing in research and development for the high-tech jobs of the future, if you care about those things, then you've got to be interested in figuring out how do we pay for that in a responsible way? and so, yeah, we're going to have a sales job, this is not
8:32 am
pleasant. it is hard to persuade people to do hard stuff. that entails trimming benefits and increasing revenues. but the reason we have got a problem right now is people keep on avoiding hard things, and i think now is time for us to go ahead and take it off. richard wolf. >> in a $4 trillion deal, that you're talking about roughly, things are now at about 4 to 1, we're talking about 800 billion in taxes, roughly. that doesn't seem very fair to most democrats. if you can clarify why we're at that level. and can you clarify whether the change in social security will go into the deficit instead of back into the fund? >> social security is not the source of our deficit problems.
8:33 am
social security, it is part of a packa package would be an issue of how do we make sure social security extends its life. the reason to social security is to strengthen social security to make sure those benefits are there for seniors in the out years. and the reason they include that potentially in this package is if you're going to take a bunch of tough votes, you might as well do it now, as opposed to trying to muster up the political will to get something done further down in the future. with respect to a balanced package, is the package that we're talking about exactly? no. i might want more revenues and fewer cuts to programs that
8:34 am
benefit middle class families that are trying to second their kids to college that would benefit all of us because we're investing more in medical research. so i make no claims that somehow the position that speaker boehner and i -- and that's the point, i'm willing to move in their direction in order to get something done, and that's what compromise entails. you know, we have a system of government in which everybody's got to give a little bit. now what i will say is that the revenue components that we have discussed would be significant and would target folks who can most afford it. and if we don't do any revenue, because you may hear the argument that, you know, why not just go ahead and do all the
8:35 am
cuts, and we can debate the revenue issues in the election, right? you'll hear that from some republicans. that if you don't do the revenues, then to get the same amount of savings, you've got to have more cuts. which means that its seniors or its poor kids, or it's medical researchers, or its, you know, our infrastructure that suffers. and, you know, i do not want, and i will not accept a deal in which i am asked to do nothing, in fact i'm able to keep hundreds of thousands of dollars in in additional income that i don't need, while a parent out there who's struggling about how
8:36 am
to send their kid to college suddenly finds that they've got a couple thousand dollars less in student grants or student loans. it's not that i'm raising revenues just because i want to raise revenues or i have some grand am big to create a bigger government. it's because if we're going to actually solve the problem, there are a fine night number of ways to do it. and if you don't have revenues, it means you are putting more big burden on the people who can least afford it. and that's not fair. i think the american people agree with me on that. >> reporter: with unemployment now at 9.6% -- [ inaudible ] now is a really good time [ inaudible ] piggie back on the social security question. what do you think members of your own party would say, let's consider lowering the deficit,
8:37 am
let's consider it but not do it at this time. >> our biggest priority in this administration is getting the economy back on track and putting people back to work. now without relitigating the past, i am absolutely convinced and the vast majority of economy are convinced, and the steps we took in the recovery act, saved millions of people their jobs or created a whole bunch of jobs. and part of the evidence of that is, as you see what happens with the recovery act phasing out, you know, when i came into office and budgets were hemorrhaging at the state level, part of the recovery act was giving states help so they wouldn't have to lay off teachers, police officers, firefighters, as we have seen that federal support for states diminish, you have seen the biggest job losses in the public
8:38 am
sector, teachers, police officers, firefighters losing their jobs. so my strong preference would be for us to figure out ways that we can continue to provide help across the board, but i'm operating within some political constraints here, because whatever i do has to go through the house of representatives. what that means, then, is that among the options that are available to us, is for example the payroll tax cut. which might not be exactly the kind of program that i would design in order to boost employment, but does make a difference because it puts money in the pockets of people who are then spending it at businesses large and small, that gives them more customers, increases demand and it gives businesses a greater incentive to hire. and that would be, for example, a component of this overall package.
8:39 am
unemployment benefits, again, puts money in the pockets of folks who are out there, you know, knocking on doors, trying to find a job every day, giving them those resources, that puts more money into the economy and that potentially improves it -- improves the climate for businesses to want to hire. so, you know, as part of a component of a deal, i think it's very important for us to look at what are the steps we can take short-term in order to put folks back to work. i am not somebody who believes that just because we solved the deficit and debt problems short-term, medium term or long-term, that that automatically solves the unemployment problem. i think we're still going to have to do a bunch of stuff. including, for example, trade deals that are before congress right now that could add tens of thousands of jobs. republicans gave me this list at the beginning of this year as a priority, something they thought
8:40 am
they could do, now i'm ready to do it, and so far we haven't gotten the kind of movement that i would have expected. we have got the potential to create an infrastructure bank that could put construction workers to work right now rebuilding our roads and our bridges and our vital infrastructure all across the country. so those are still areas where i think we can make enormous progress. i do think that if the country as a whole sees washington act responsibly, compromises being made, the deficit and debt being dealt with for ten, 15, 20 years, that that will help with businesses feeling more confident about aggressively investing in this country, foreign invests saying america's got its act together and are
8:41 am
willing to invest, and so, it can have a positive impact in overall growth and employment. it's not the only solution, we're still going to have to have a strong jobs agenda, but it is part of a solution, i might add it is the primary solution that the republicans have offered when it comes to jobs. they keep on going out there and saying, you know, mr. president, what are you doing about jobs? and when you ask them, what have you got to do? you've got to get our debt under control and you've got to get federal spending under control. and i say, okay, let's go. where are they? this is what they claim would be the single biggest boost to business certainty and confidence. so what's the holdup? with respect to social security,
8:42 am
as i indicated earlier, making changes to these programs is so difficult that this may be an opportunity for us to go ahead and do something smart that strengthens social and gives not just this generation but future generations the opportunity to say this thing's going to be in there for the long haul. now, that may not be possible, and you're absolutely right that as i said, social is not the primary driver of our long-term deficits and debt. on the other hand, we do want to make sure that social security is going to be there for the next generations and if there is a reasonable deal to be had on it, it is one that i'm willing to per sue. >> reporter: raising the retirement age -- [ inaudible ] >> i'm probably not going to get into the details of those negotiations, i might enjoy
8:43 am
negotiating with you, but i don't know how much juice you've got in the republican caucus. that's what i figured. >> reporter: thank you mr. president. have you-you have said that economists have agreed that a deal needs to be made. have you worked with leads tomorrow to lobby congress to raise that ceiling and if so -- >> i have spoken extensively to business leaders. and i'll be honest with you, i think that business leaders in the abstract want to see a resolution to this problem. what i have found is that they are somewhat hesitant to weigh in on some of these issues, even if they're willing to say something privately to me, partly because they've got a whole bunch of business pending before congress. they don't want to make anybody
8:44 am
mad. so this is a problem of our politics and our politicians, but it's not exclusively a problem of our politics and our politicians. i mean the business community is a lot like everybody else, which is we want to cut everybody else's stuff, and we want to keep our stuff. we want to cut our taxes, but if you want to raise revenue with somebody else's taxes, that's okay. and that kind of mindset is why we never get the problem solved. there have been business leaders like warren buffett who i think have spoken out on this issue. and the simpson commission made very clear that they would agree to a balanced approach, even if it meant for them individually that they were seeing slightly higher taxes on their income, given that their -- i think the average ceo if i'm not mistaken,
8:45 am
saw a 23% raise this past year, while the average worker saw a zero to 1% raise last year. so i think that there are a lot of well-meaning business people out there who recognize the need to make something happen. but i think that they have been hesitant to be as straight forward as i would like when it says this is what a balanced package means, it means that we have got some spending cuts, it means that we have got some increased revenue. and it means that we're taking on some of the drivers of our long-term debt and deficits. >> can you say as the clock ticks down whether or not the administration is working on an apolitical contingency plan if nothing happens by august 2? >> we are going to get this done by august 2.
8:46 am
yes. >> reporter: to follow on chip's question, do you have complete confidence that speaker boehner can deliver the votes on anything that he agrees to? >> that's a question for the speaker, not a question for me. my experience with john boehner has been good. i think he's a good man who wants to go rigwant s to do right by the country, i think that as chip alluded to, the politics that swept him into the speaker ship were good for a midterm election, they're tough for governing. and part of what the republican caucus generally needs to recognize is that american democracy works when people listen to each other, we're willing to give each other the
8:47 am
benefit of the doubt, we assume the patriotism, good intentions of the other side and we're willing to make some sensible compromises to solve big problems. and i think that there are members of that caucus who haven't fully arrived at that realization yet. >> reporter: your confidence in him wasn't shaken by him walking away from a big deal? >> in fairness, a big deal would require a lot of work on the part of harry reid and nancy pelosi and myself to bring democrats along. but the point is that if everybody gets in the boat at the same time, it doesn't tip over. i think that was bob dole's famous comment after striking a deal with the president and mr. gingrich back in the '90s. and that is always the case when
8:48 am
it comes to difficult but important tasks like this. last question. >> reporter: mr. president, i want to revisit the issue of sacrifice. in 2009 that -- so now with these budget cuts looming, you have minorities, the poor, the elderly as well as people who are scare of losing their jobs, fearful. and also what they use -- bill the debt free america act, do you support that or are you supporting the republican bill that someone has modeled after congressman -- >> i'm not going to talk about the specific bill right now. let me talk to the broader point that you're talking about,
8:49 am
april. this recession has been hard on everybody, but obviously it's harder on folks who have got less. and the thing that i am obsessed with, and have been since i came into office, is all those families out there who are doing the right thing, every single day, who are looking after their families, who are just struggling to keep up and just feel like they're falling behind no matter how hard they work. i got a letter this past week from a woman who her husband had lost his job, had, you know, pounded the pavement, finally found a job, they felt like things were stabilizing for a few months, six months later, he lost the second job.
8:50 am
now they're back looking again. and trying to figure out how they're going to make ends meet. and they're just, you know, hundreds of thousands of folks out there who really have seen as tough an economy has we have seen in our lifetimes. now we took very aggressive steps when i first came into office to yank the economy out of a potential great depression and stabilize it. so we were largely successful in stabilizing it, but we have stabilized it at a level where unemployment is still too tie and the economy isn't making up for all the jobs we lost before i took office and the few months after i took office. so this unemployment rate has been really stubborn. there are a couple of ways that we can solve that.
8:51 am
number one is to make sure that the overall economy is growing. and so we have continued to take a series of steps to make sure that there's money in people's pockets, that they can go out there and spend, that's what these payroll tax cuts were about. we have taken a number of steps to make sure that businesses are willing to invest, and that's what the small business tax cuts, and some of the tax breaks for companies that are willing to invest in plants and equipment, and zero capital gains for small businesses, giving businesses the incentive to invest. we have to make sure that the training programs for people who are having to shift from jobs that may not exist anymore. so they can get the training for jobs that do exist, that those are improved and sharpened. we have put forward a series of proposals to make sure that
8:52 am
regulations that may be unnecessary and are hampering some businesses from investing, that we are examining all those for their cost and their benefits and if they are not providing the kind of benefits in terms of the public health because of clean air and clean water and worker safety that have been promised, then we should get rid of some of those regulations, so we have been looking at the whole menu of steps that can be taken. we are now in a situation where because the economy has moved slower than we wanted, because of the deficits and debt that result from the recession and the crisis, that, you know, taking an approach that costs trillions of dollars is not an option. we don't have that kind of money right now. what we can do is to solve this
8:53 am
underlying debt and deficit problem for a long period of time so that then we can get back to having a conversation about, since we now have solved this problem, that's no longer what's hampering economic growth, that's not feeding business and uncertainty. everybody feels that the ground is stable under our feet. are there some strategies that we could pursue that would really focus on some targeted job growth? infrastructure being a good example. the infrastructure ban that can can -- bank that we have proposed is relatively small, but we're rebuilding roads and bridges and taking all those construction workers and putting them to work right now, i can imagine a very aggressive program like that
8:54 am
that i think the american people would rally around and would be good for the economy not just for next year or the year after, but for the next 20 or 30 years. but we can't even have that conversation if people feel as if we don't have our fiscal house in order. so the idea here is, let's act now, let's get this problem off the table, and then with some firm footing, with a solid fiscal situation, we will then be in a position to make the kind of investments that i think are going to be necessary to win the future. so this is not a bright or left conservative-liberal situation, this is how do we operate in a smart way, understanding that we have got some short-term challenges and some long-term challenges, if we can solve some of those long-term challenges, that frees up some of our energy to be able to deal with some of these short-term ones as well.
8:55 am
all right? thank you very much, everybody. >> the president from the west wing, the white house briefing room, delivering part government primmer, part lobbying session on what he would like to see come out of these talks. on, again, what started from keeping the u.s. from defaulting, fixing this debt limit, chuck todd, one of the questioners in the front row, chuck, the president said very clearly, this isn't going to happen without a compromise, and yet, the other side has left over the issue of raising taxes on the rich primarily. tell us how this gets done, do you think? >> reporter: i think it's important to understand what the president didn't say and what he wasn't talking about. he was talking about the big $4 trillion deal in the past tense at times and i caught him doing that a few times. and it tells me that it's this
8:56 am
middle deal, this biden deal. he talked about lawmakers and we know he did this last night, along with eric cantor and john collins, and the only veto line he drew was on some sort of short-term extension. if you want to read between the lines, it's what he didn't say, he didn't outline a security proposal, why? because if it were really on the table and couldn't happen, he might try not to sell it. but it looks like this middle deal is where all the action is, at least today. it was almost as if he seemed resigned that that was the target at this point, which was about a $2 trillion to 2.$2.5 trillion deal. >> the president -- has caused a number of stories today about his leadership, does he have control of his caucus, and no one should be surprised given
8:57 am
the tea party component coming into washington, against so much of what the standing government army stands for. >> and the president said the tea party movement that swept speaker boehner into that top job is better for midterm politics than it is for governing. it was very notable how many times he praised in a muted fashion but clearly praised speaker boehner saying he is a good man who believes in his country, he appreciated his good-faith effort. all of that praise, you have to wonder how the tea party element would take that, is that a little too kind from the president to speaker boehner? and the president said that he believes the smaller deal is what can pass, it is the way to go, wrapping up what chuck todd said so that seems to be the target. and as you know, brian, it was famous when president bush invoked the broccoli and now the president saying we need to eat our peas, brian. >> it is clear there's going to be hard work required here in
8:58 am
the next ten days or so for a deal to happen. more coverage tonight on nbc "nightly news" of course and nbc all day. for my colleagues, i'm brian williams, nbc news, new york. welcome back. it's 8:58. a cooler than average day. just 78 degrees in redwood city. 77 in los gatos a forecast high of 79 degrees.
8:59 am
that means you can give the ac a much needed break. we continue to cool off. temperatures tumble through wednesday. we climb back up just to 80 degrees, staying nice and cool, below the seasonal averages all the way through the weekend. hope you have a great day. last we checked, politicians work for us. so why is sacramento preventing them from opening their calendars? what's their to hide? i'm suzanne shaw. from president obama to governor brown, elected appointed officials often publish their schedules. california's senate actually forbid open calendars, arguing privacy and legislative privilege over our right to know. we disagree. the legislature's own rules say access to information concerning the conduct of the people's business by the legislature is a fundamental and necessary right. this is about influence.
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closed calendars provide no transparency. who gets time with the very politicians who write our laws and divvy up our tax dollars. we join the mercury news and o arnds. lltestha w you think. nbceditorials dot kol. back now with more of back out with more of "today" on this monday morning, july 11th, 2011. it's a warm humid day here in new york city. we're not wilting. we'd like to thank our crowd for stopping by to say hello to us and their family and friends back home. i'm ann curry along with savannah guthrie. coming up, we'll be talking about negotiating the pitfalls of finances with your friends. we all do it. there's that squabble, who pays the check, who doesn't. sort of how to go through those pitfalls and figure out a way to
9:01 am
make sure your relationship stays in tact and healthy despite all the questions. >> it can be an awkward situation. also ahead, making real estate decisions, whether you're looking to buy or trying too figure out how to price your home to sell. we'll give you an idea how far $400,000 can go in this economy. anyway. >> there's a hat involved in the next seg. >> what makes you think that? >> hobnobbing with hollywood's elite, we'll have a wrap-up of will & kate's time in california. her first trip to the united states. and you're looking very chic. >> i'm getting into the whole royalty. but hats are not just for royalty. i'll show you how to pick one that is right for you. >> i'm not sure that one is right for you. >> it's bold, it makes a statement. >> i think it's saying you want
9:02 am
to make sure the sun is not on your face. let's go inside for the news with natalie. >> the battle with the budge set on again today, as the white house talks to slash the deficit resume this afternoon. lawmakers from both sides of the aisle are stuck over proposals. >> it would share sacrifice, would involve both parties taking on their sacred cows, would involve some meaningful changes to medicare, social security and medicaid that would preserve the integrity of the programs and keep our sacred trust with our seniors, but make sure those programs were there for not just this generation, but the next generation. in russia, hope of finding survivors is fading this morning after an old soviet era tourist cruiseship sank sunday.
9:03 am
dozens of people have been confirmed dead so far, and more than 80 other passengers are feared dead as well. emergency officials say the boat was carrying more than its licensed capacity. soldiers and volunteers work through the night to find victims of a catastrophic train derailment in northern india. 67 were killed and others could still be trapped in the wreckage. the driver slammed on the emergency brakes to avoid hitting cattle on the tracks. it's monday, so it's off to work for the shuttle "atlantis" astronauts who are delivering a year's worth of food, clothes and other supplies to the international space station. nasa carefully monitoring a piece of space junk that could come too close to the joined spacecraft tuesday. transformers took over the box office this weekend bringing in $47 million. "horrible bosses" came in second
9:04 am
with $28.1 million. and zookeeper was third. one good sniff lets you know that love is in the air. who knew. we're not talking just puppy love either. four legged couples tied the knot sunday in lima, peru. even sealing the deal with their paw prints on marriage documents. that's just adorable. let's go back out to ann and savannah. >> there was a collective awe when we saw that videotape. in the meantime, let's get a check with someone else whoha w all go aw when we hear from, that's al roker. we're talking heat from boston to d.c., temperatures anywhere from the upper 80s to the mid-90s, feeling like 95 to 100 degrees, you get to the midsection of the country it's going to be hot. heat indexes 105 to 110. and the risk of strong storms
9:05 am
from billings, montana, unite to cleveland, parts of western pa. isolated tornados and rainfall amou good back to work monday to you. once we lose these thick areas of fog, this is a live look at san francisco. we have a beautiful day ahead. temperatures maxing out in the 70s. we're going to be the envy of the nation when it comes to our weather this week. just beautiful conditions for july. 65 degrees, that's it in san francisco with balding breeze. a little bit of a wnd shield factor. 79 in san jose and 77 in gilroy. as we continue through the week, we climb to low to mid-80s friday into the weekend. >> al, thank you. this morning on "today's" money, navigating sticky financial situations and friendships, whether it's splitting the bill or chipping in for group gifts, money can create very uncomfortable moments with friends and family. we have a personal finance
9:06 am
expert and author of "the real cost of living." of course, money makes the world go round but it can also put us in decisions when it comes to people hitting us up for money. >> money is a source of pride and shame. when times are tough it's easy to be embarrassed about your situation in comparison with others around you. >> let's look at situation where's it gets a little bit difficult. >> yeah. >> the first one being group gifts. this is whether -- we've got a lot of weddings this time of year, parties and things to go to. >> baby showers. >> many. >> let's chip in. let's get a group gift. problem is, sometimes the amount may be higher than you're willing to spend. >> exactly. >> what do you do? >> it happens often. we have these expense funds you ask you to have. sometimes these run dry this time of year. you want to contact the directly the group organizer. you want to privately approach them and say, listen, i really want to be a part of this, i want to give, but this is what i can afford. if you can't afteford that just say, i can't. what can i do to help.
9:07 am
it's important to do that. if you are the group organizer, please be sensitive to people and their budgets. a good way to do that is when you send out the note, e-mail or social media, put a p.s., listen, we're asking for $20, $50, but, please, give what you can by this date. >> i like that idea. if you can't do it monetarily, if there are other things you can pick up on in terms of helping organize the event. >> that's worth a lot. >> absolutely. next seems like everyone has fund-raising fever these days. that can be difficult, especially with social media. i can't tell you how many races your friends are participating? >> i had no idea so many of my friends are runners and they are. wonderful thing. and we all want to help. >> so many causes. >> and we do want to help. here's the thing. we have limited budgets. a lot of time the ask is pretty high, $50 which is a lot if you compound that. there's a study recently that showed if you ask for time first and then money, it actually
9:08 am
increased charitable donations. two points of this, time is worth something. you know what, i can't afford to give but i'm happy to help spread the word. send it out on twitter, facebook, help them raise money if you can't give money yourself and realize that time is valuable. so ask if there's anything else you can do. maybe you can be by the sidelines with the water anything in support to help them. >> schools, this is the time of year as well you start to get hit up with the school pta, also call, ask for funds you're going to give. >> this is that time of year, august is a big time. here's what you want to do because a lot of times pta is not so forthright with how much they want you to give. go to the school administrator, contact them directly now, ask what is the average budget the pta is looking for per parent. many will tell you. if it doesn't fit your budget contact the pta administrators and staff and say here's what i can of for the to give, i can't give any more. i can give time and skill. >> you want to budget that. >> exactly.
9:09 am
and the next, you know, we also have a lot of uncomfortable situations, i think, people ask us how much do you make, whether it's friend or family members. you know, or where did you get that and where can i get that? >> it can get annoying. how do you handle that? >> there's a difference between saying i love your shoes and i love you shoes where can i get them. >> right. >> first, be sensitive to that. second, if you're the one getting asked that question, honestly is sometimes the best policy. target, on sale. or reflect the question. the price of your home, look at that plant, or whatever it is. change it with some humor but understand that this is really uncomfortable. >> all right. unfortunately that's all we could get to. much more advice on our website. as always, thank you. and foot the bill. split the bill eventually. for more information, check out coming up next, a real estate reality check for $400,000 or less. and a little bit later, the royals go hollywood.
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the nightime underwear specially designed for kids 4 and up. all right. let's get started. first up this morning, three-bedroom home in dallas, texas. $349,9. >> great house, historic home minutes from downtown texas. very convenient. two-story 1927 brick house that sits high on a commanding
9:13 am
corner. actually whole city views from that front balcony right there. the living room spans the width of the house and anchored by a stately fireplace. the dining room has french doors, crown moldings and wood floors. it's a pretty dining room. i love the french doors. the kitchen has an accent wall. chicago brick which for some reason is very popular in dallas. it's actually recycled brick from chicago with a breakfast room on one side and professional appliances that you cat quite see here on the other side of this wall. the fence backyard is really a suburban paradise. that's a whole house in and of itself if you want to live outside in that great climate, pathways and mature pecan trees that you're looking at right there. >> almost like having a park in your backyard. >> you gotcha. nobody can come in unless they're invited. >> nashville, tennessee, three bedroom home in music city. $350,000. >> as you call it, music city, is great but what's good about this house, 1920 cottage, comes with its own modern recording
9:14 am
studio. fits right in. you want know it from looking at the house. it's sizable once you get in the front door. within walking distance to the trendy shops, cafes and bars. there's that bright and sunny office. just a spare room with crown molding and wide baseboards. the living room has exposed brick, vaulted ceilings, black wood floors which really reverse that, that's the office and we just saw the living room. but the black wood floors throughout. it gives this whole place, which san old house, a really modern hip look. i keep having to remind myself it's from 1920s. the open kitchen has cherry wood cabinets and concrete counter tops. quite fashionable. hip. looks like an expensive kitchen. it's not. they just have very good taste. how about the recording studio that comes with this house? >> wow. >> it's big enough for a full band, grand piano and has a separate vocal booth. this is a house that belongs right there in nashville. >> all right. barbara is going to cut her next album. >> i doubt that. >> new york, four-bedroom home, priced at $365,000. >> this is a four-level
9:15 am
contemporary home. very different looking. refreshing in its own way in a secluded wooded loo lot. four stories tall. designed by a famous architect in that part of the country. it looks almost like a greenhouse. sophisticated, every window, trees. i think that's the coolest place to live. i got to believe it would be relaxing. it has pale observation floors throughout the house. lovely trim. look at the height of those ceilings. everything in the house is meticulous. wood panel spiral staircase between the floors that connects the house. it almost becomes the heart of the house. you go up and down the stairs all of the way through the four levels. living room has exposed wood beams and mountain views. kitchen has blood wood cabinets. tile floor and unusually low wing. catch that on the left-hand side? it's a trick on the eye to make the ceilings feel tall. they're only eight foot but you got a whole new impression with that wainscotting. the book shelves and has a beautiful stone fireplace. what's wrong with that house? >> nothing wrong with that. we're going to stay on the east.
9:16 am
delaware, three-bedroom home priced at. $379,000. >> it was a ship building village but today filled with a lot of new houses. that's one of the prettiest houses. it's only a few minutes from the beach on delaware shore. classic cape cod. perfect green lawn. you can mow that lawn for the next five years and be smiling the whole time. it's a perfect green lawn. and it's almost has an entry way with soaring ceilings and skylights which is a big bang on that first impression. they're dark wood cabinets in the kitchen plus a big dining area that opens on to a big back generous -- there's a shot of the living room. look at the height of the ceilings. clean and beautifully designed that house is with those extra tall windows. makes that room feel bigger. as i mentioned a moment ago, there's the kitchen. it's an expensive kitchen, dark wood cabinets. to my eye, handsome yet modern. out back, screened in porch with open views of more rolling hills. you will see it again in the
9:17 am
backyard. if you can only take a peek over the railing, as far as you can see, the neighbor, neighbor beyond him. >> quickly, tucson, arizona, different home. three bedrooms. $395,000. >> this is a adobe brick home. it's only in this area that you get that terribly flat room with the naches on top. it's just this area's style of architecture. not well-known but people there love it. inside i love that beam and ceiling. and i love the tumbled brick floors. that's a very different kind of a look. it just works. it looks like you would be comfortable and quiet there. there's a great shot of that open living room with the glass doors that open on to the back patio. there's a kitchen that feels, i think, both neat and cozy with the accent. brick floors and nice adjacent dining area big enough. and the sunset room has a bee hive fireplace. it's one of two fireplaces in the house. and breathtaking mountain views you have a peek of them there from every window in that house.
9:18 am
>> that is spectacular. barbara, thank you -- >> you've got to buy one of these. >> okay. if you go in 1/halvies with me. >> no way. we've got more right after these messages. ♪ [ cat meows ] ♪ [ whistles ] ♪ [ cat meows ] ♪ [ ting! ] [ male announcer ] travelers can help you protect the things you care about and save money with multi-policy discounts. are you getting the coverage you need and the discounts you deserve? for an agent or quote, call 800-my-coverage or visit discover aveeno positively radiant tinted moisturizers with scientifically proven soy complex and natural minerals.
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my resolution is the same as always; keep her full and focused with my fiber. [ all ] 3...2...1... happy school year! [ female announcer ] this school year, make a resolution to give your kid kellogg's® frosted mini-wheats® cereal. an excellent source of fiber from 100% whole grain. that helps keep them full so they can focus on the day ahead. keeps 'em full... keeps 'em fosed. william and catherine are back home in england this morning. hopefully resting after a very busy weekend in california. the duke and duchess did not disappoint their fans. >> they didn't. peter alexander covered the royal visit. he's in los angeles this morning with details. good morning. >> good morning. flawless trip, all said and done, william and kate were on the ground here in the u.s. for barely 48 hours. they found that delicate balance between business and pleasure. in the process, made a pretty good first impression on their american hosts. a picture perfect finale to
9:22 am
william and kate's first american tour. the duke and duchess of cambridge saving their most mean pingful stops for last. >> thank you for coming! >> reporter: visiting underprivileged children at this los angeles inner city arts program. ♪ the newlyweds seemed at ease enjoying their creative side, putting their hands together in slabs of clay. later the royals showed their support at a job fair for american veterans. >> enormous that they're here. they are a military family, and they are the most celebrated military family in the world. >> reporter: the couple began sunday minkling with the likes of reese witherspoon at a brunch promoting the conservation of african wildlife. nothing compared to the glitz of saturday night. a black thai benefit where even hollywood's royalty was star struck. kate stunning in alexander mckeen, diamond earrings on loan from queen elizabeth herself. only time in america, paused to
9:23 am
greet a few fans. among the celebrities rubbing elbows, tom hanks, barbra streisand, and nicole kidman. >> when american and british greats get together, magic happens. >> reporter: saturday morning they'll they've helicoptered to santa barbara for a polo match, breezing down the red carpet. >> my father, the prince of wales, and my brother harry was as green as that grass outside when i told them i would be here today. >> reporter: the prince put on a show, scoring four goals to lead his team to victory. his reward, a rare public kiss and silver tiffany's trophy from his wife. admirers were schmidt ten. >> goose bumps. >> my breath was taken away. >> why are americans so fascinated by your royalty? >> americans are fascinated by our royalty because they're untouchable, exclusive. whenever they come to america they sprinkle fairy dust with them. >> reporter: they charmed crowds during the tour. kate's effortless style on display at every stop. on their final day the duchess
9:24 am
so often praised for her glamour, returned the compliment to her hosts, calling the farewell performance beautiful. and for their trans atlantic flight home william and kate did not take a private jet. instead they flew commercial. british airways, of course, keeping with the deliberate effort to present themselves as a modern royal couple. natalie, savannah, pretty good l.a. gig, handshake with kate over the weekend and with j.lo this morning. >> bye-bye, pete per. you're never coming back. . >> exactly. >> do you think they're in sweats and eating ben and jerry's right now? meanwhile, coming up, we're going to see that trendy toppers the hottest styles in sun hats. but first, your local news. ♪ sun in the sky
9:25 am
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9:26 am
good morning to you. 9:26 right now. i'm laura garcia-cannon. richmond police are trying to figure out how it all happened but say a triple homicide over the weekend is as a result of a drug deal. three men were shot in an apartment on saturday afternoon around 4:30. in the next room was a 6-year-old boy. the police say three men were involved in a close range gunfight. the child luckily was not hurt. he was the nephew of one of the victims. police say the investigation continues this morning but they are confident everyone involved is either dead or in custody. san francisco police officers have agreed to a new
9:27 am
contract with the city that will prevent any department layoffs and save money for the city. they will immediately get a 3% pay increase with another small increase next april. officers will also pay an extra 3% into their pensions. firefighters in the city are expected to vote on a similar contract soon. if approved, san francisco could illion over the next two years. 9:27 right now. quick break. we'll be right back.
9:28 am
we are looking really good for this morning. we're at 60 degrees in fair wood and it's not the case this morning. uniform numbers base the marine layer pushed all the way inland. we're going to have to wait until 12:30 before it clears the coast. 70 degrees in oakland. we continue to cool off as we head through wednesday. let's check your drive with mike. >> we still have that sig alert.
9:29 am
it sounds like somebody is on the overpass with the police. that's why eastbound and westbound highway 4 is closed. but the rest of the east bay is looking really nice. slowing to east shore freeway. a 30-minute drive from the bridge. bay bridge, metering lights are off. there you go. nice view of the toll plaza. no problems. we have the fog alert to deal with at the goal engate bridge. >> look at that. wow. we are in july. 9:29 right now. for the latest traffic and news updates, check out nbc bay area morning news on facebook. another local news update in half an hour. have a great monday morning. t
9:30 am
there's no question she dazzled from the moment the got off the plane from her canada tour to taking simple town by storm. catherine, the duchess of cambridge, all without a single fashion faux pas. we're going to show you how you can get it at less than the royal prices this week on "today." all right, can you believe it? >> good. >> amazing. meanwhile, coming up in this half hour, on a different note, from e. coli to salmonella. >> get rid of that. we're going to talk about that. >> this is that time of year when you go to a lot of
9:31 am
barbecues but there are a lot of dangerous food born illnesses. tims on how to protect yourself and your family. also going to show you how to protect yourself from the sun without looking frumpy. >> throw out the old baseball cap. the hottest styles in sun hats. that's a great looking hat. vacation. >> vacation. >> i'm all into that. and in today's tip chen, two sizzling ways to prepare snapper from one of australia's hottest chefs. first, though, a check of the weather from mr. roker. al? >> thanks so much. let's take a look at your week ahead. and out west is going to be below normal temperatures. some rain through the rockies. above normal temperatures eastern two-thirds of the country. mid week period, warm down south with more rain. chilly out west. and then the latter part of the week, we're staying normal along the east coast with rain still continue tling through the so t southeast. westw normal out west. good morning to you. we're at 53 degrees in san francisco. grab a jacket because it's going
9:32 am
to take some time before that sun comes out. breaks through that cloud bank. we end up the 70 degrees later on today. elsewhere, we're warmer. 79 in fremont. same scenario, though, mostly cloudy conditions to start and the sun will shine through making for a really nice second half of the day. we continue to cool down. 75 tomorrow, down to 70 degrees on wednesday. and then temperatures kind of come up. not too much. just 83 degrees on friday. natalie, savannah, that's the latest weather. back to you. now let's say hello to david who is here to tell us about a new drama from the writers of "x-men" that premiers tonight on the sci-fi channel. he plays a neurologist and psychologist in charge of a team of alphas who are ordinary people though with extraordinarier capabilities of the human mind. something we've all wanted to have. good morning. good to have you here. >> good morning. >> the show sounds really great. >> yeah. >> how are these alphas sort of different from the super heroes that we see.
9:33 am
>> can't change the weather with a flick of our hand or put out a fire with our breath, but all these individuals have capabilities that we all have, except they can heightened them to an extraordinary level. >> this is not fiction. you're saying these are actually based on real -- >> neurological facts. >> give us an example of one of these extraordinary capabilities. >> you can look at someone and override their will pour we're and just suggest something you want them to do and they do it. >> "star wars." >> yeah. >> you can hear like an owl and smell like a blood hound or see all the electromagnetic waves that are in the world around us at any given moment. >> you play dr. lee rosen, a neurologist, psychologist. you're not an alpha. >> no. i'm their leader and the relationship with this governmental department that's trying to fair it out bad alphas using their skills for, you know, other means and results. and but i'm also trying to help them adjust to difficulties that they may have in their life that
9:34 am
come as a result of having these abilities. >> all right. always good to have a psychologist around. >> we look forward to seeing it. thanks for stopping by. >> you're very welcome. >> remind you you can catch the season premier of "alphas" tonight at 10:00, 9:00 central on sci-fi. coming up next, protect yourself and your family from food borne illnesses and from the sun with trendy hats this rticer. well, i read the majority of an article online about how older people are becoming more and more antisocial, so i was really aggressive with my parents about joining facebook. my parents are up to 19 friends now? so sad. ♪ i have 687 friends. this is living. what!? that is not a real puppy. that's too small to be a real puppy. [ male announcer ] toyota venza. keep on rolling. ♪ oh, there's a prize, all right. [ male announcer ] inside every box of cheerios
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9:38 am
this morning on "today's" health, how to avoid food poisoning. summertime parties present an even greater risk of exposing food to the types of bacteria that can lead to food borne illnesses. here to help us is dr. tonya an internist and chief medical officer at universal. we just call her the doc around here. and madeleine bernstrum. great to have you both here. doctor, what types of food-borne illnesses are we talking about specifically here? there's a lot going on summertime. >> right. mainly the bacteria, but it could be anything, bacteria, toxins, parasites. it's really food-related illness, that could be the food itself or wasn't prepared or handled properly. that's how you get the illness. >> the e. coli and salmonella, wisteria, all the yucky things you hear about unfortunately too often this time of year. the symptoms, a lot of times by son's friend was throwing up the other day, oh, no, is this the stomach bug or one of these
9:39 am
other bacterias that need to be concerned with. >> similar. usually with a food-related illness it's going to happen a few hours up to a few days after you eat the food. the virus, you don't know. both of them actually go away after a couple of days usually on their own. symptoms are usually nausea, vom vomiting, watery diarrhea, mild fever. mild, last two or three days and then tart to dissipate. >> okay. so let's talk about helping to reduce risk, madeleine, because there are lots of foods out there that are certainly going to be more prone to having those types of bacteria in them. what are some things you should be avoiding. >> two kinds of things. one are the groups that they're prone to having a lot of bacteria. bacteria is what is making you sick in most of these things. they're going to be things raw and uncooked. think about things, number one, like raw sprouts. and this is when you know that seeds are sprouted in warm, moist environments where bacteria grow. but all of these things are killed by cooking. let's move to things -- >> e. coli bacteria which is so
9:40 am
dangerous in the sprouts. >> and it happens here as well. avoid these things, whether you're in the a hi-risk group or regular person. second is unpasteurized raw milk, raw juices. people say they're pure, more natural, they're not. unpasteurized means it's not be sterileized. you are 100% guaranteed you're not going to get sick from bacterial. raw milk cheese is trendy and foodies think this is great. again, not pasteurized. not heat killing off the bacteria so you're at risk. move on to undercooked and raw meat. there's two things here. one is raw beef, you can also have especially ground brief, the machines are grinding it up. there's lots of bacteria everywhere. >> right. >> and when you're thinking about, well, should you eat undercooked meat, if it's rare, again, you have to heat things to kill these bacteria. moving on to sushi, raw fish which is totally healthy, but
9:41 am
there's a lot of risk there. you have to be really careful. when you see all you can see sushi, $2.99 sitting at room temperature you probably want to day away. also, unwashed greens. it doesn't have to look dirty to have bacteria. organic produce doesn't mean that it's safer. it has to be washed probably even better because sometimes you have natural fertilizers, people handling things. these are risky foods you really want to pay attention to. >> all the things that pregnant people have to avoid. >> yes. >> exactly. >> but the risk factor groups, the pregnant, the young, the old, and also the people with chronic diseases, diabetes, liver disease, cancer, aids, they have to -- anyone with a suppressed immune system needs to watch all of those. >> exactly. let's talk about food preparation. this is barbecue season. very important to make sure that the hot foods stay hot. the cold foods stay cold. the handling is that way as well. >> this is part two of food-borne illness. first, they're already risky because they have bacteria.
9:42 am
second is you take perfectly good food and how do you prepare it? two key things in preparation are clean hands and clean work surface because that's how bacteria travel. and lstz coalso, cost contamina. don't put raw chicken on a plate and grill it and put it back on the same place. you don't want to marinate something and you have some left, let me dump it on. cross contamination you have to avoid. clean fiknives. >> doctor, if you are sick, if you are experiencing symptoms? >> basically you're trying to rest your whole self. >> hydrate. >> you want to eat bland food. the brat diet, bananas, rice, apple sauce, toast. avoid fatty foods, spicy foods. alcohol can be dehydrating and caffeine can trigger the cramps. keep it mild and keep hydrated. that's the best. >> as always, ladies, you are the source of information. thanks so much. appreciate it. coming up next, finding the
9:43 am
perfect hat for your fun in the sun. that's coming up right after this.
9:44 am
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♪ this morning on "today's" style, summer fun hats, from floppy styles to cotton bucket hats, hats look great and are prab practical, too. we have the scoop on this must have summer accessory that has a touch of daytime glam and protect you from the sunday. kate, good morning. >> good morning. >> these hats are making a comeback this year. >> they are. we've all come to realize that we have to protect our skin against the sun, but now you don't have to compromise on style. every trend of the season is represented here. >> here we have the classic straw hat. these have a little twist on it. >> yes. >> this one. >> who doesn't love the kate paid hat. >> i need a vacation. >> this ch is great. has that great shell adornment. it's a little more in the '90s
9:47 am
but adorable. >> this one? >> this is chi. here you're getting a little bit of a '70s vibe. that's one of the trends that plays out well. >> happier. >> floppy. this beading detail gives you that feeling. >> here a pop of color. >> color is so big for summer. why not do it with your hat. this is for $50. i love that hat. >> we have this chrochet hat. do you still get the sun protection? >> you do. if i was wearing a hat i might still apply sun block but still a certain amount of protection. >> this is a straw hat? >> yes. from urban outfitter. >> this is my hat. i was wearing it earlier. >> yes. >> did you feel protected? >> i did. it felt loud. >> let me tell you why. because this crocheted hat has been specifically treated to have extra uv block. it's great. it really will protect your skin from the sun. >> okay. great. and then here we have a whole category called bucket hats. >> these are the hats where if you don't feel like wearing a
9:48 am
big straw hat while you're walking down the street in town later on, this might be a better choice. >> less of a statement. >> exactly. exactly. so this hat is actually from hat attack and this is a great packing hat. it doesn't wrinkle. >> that's one thing i want to bring a straw hat but unless you want to wear it it's hard to pack it and not scrunch it. >> sometimes straw hats can not really fair that well when they get wet. these might be a better choice if you plan on ai babusing your hat. this is a good one. this is from coach. this is more expensive, in the 90s. but it's more -- you could wear this into the fall, september it's still a little sunny. so this is actually such a classic bucket hat. >> do you have to have a certain face shape to pull it off? >> the wider the face, the wider the brim of the hat. >> that works. >> to you have a round face -- >> is that why i had this large one. >> i don't know. that wasn't my choice. i don't know. >> okay. >> but now this is a great hat. this is from pay less.
9:49 am
$14.99. nautical vibe. great choice. you're just looking to do something fun and not spend a lot of money. >> actually kind of like this one. >> everybody likes this one. this is from roberto rollerrabbit. this is, again -- >> if i want to go in hiding. >> there you go if glamorous. >> here, let me fix you a little bit. >> okay. >> there you are. okay. >> this is great because it has that wide brim. as i was saying if you have a slightly rounder face this is a great bucket hat. >> if you're trying to avoid people. >> exactly. >> last but not least, panama hat. >> people style watch, of course, we've seen many celebrities wearing this. thank god we finally moved on from thefy do fidora to this. this is a straw panama, good choice for summer. >> kate, great to have you here with your hats. thank you. coming up next, delicious ways to cook snapper. relat recipes from one of australia's
9:50 am
most popular chefs. sure, pulling the mold, mildew, and grime from
9:51 am
out of the porous caverns of grout takes the right tools, but it also takes a gentle, caring touch. before you can deep clean, you learn to get a feel for its trouble spots. and hey, if you can't listen to grout, you can't truly know its wants...its needs...its dreams. ♪call 1-800-steemer.
9:52 am
this morning on "today's" kitchen, snapper two ways, one that you can do in a flash and another that will awe your dinner guests. recipes are from one of australia's most well-known chefs, michael moore. and they're from misnew cookbook "moore to food." micha michael, good morning. wow, that was hot oil there, right? >> the key to snapper is to get a crispy skin, and you need the pan hot. i'm trying to justify that. >> that's what we're going to be making, red snapper. i love your cookbook because you made it easy. you give us the beautiful version and here's one that you can make at home. >> the thing is to inspire people to cook. cooking isn't that difficult. trying to cook two pieces of snapper, two dishes. beautiful fresh fish. skin side down. >> flashing hot pan. >> a little bit of salt and pepper. skin side down into the pan. you will see the fish will start
9:53 am
to curl slightly. apply a little bit of pressure. a minute in the pan. flip it over and finish it in the oven. >> you've got a good beautiful fresh red snapper here. >> fresh fish. it's obvious when you see fresh fish, it just looks beautiful. >> color, yeah. >> lemon butter sauce. you can do that. >> this is just butter? >> cream in there. >> cream in there. >> butter. little bit of lemon zest. >> great. you just don't want it to burn, right? >> yep. you don't want it to boil too much. >> lemon juice. >> to finish that. >> chives. >> chives. perfect. >> that's easy. you can add as much butter as you like. so if you are not into -- >> the more butta, the betta. >> the mashed potato already on the plate there. the snapper is cooked. >> perfectly cooked right there. >> there you go. >> your mashed po pa eded potat good. pour it out beautifully. >> voila. >> this is like a classic
9:54 am
bistro, cafe style. >> very easy to do. cooks quickly as you saw there in no time, right? >> grab that one. >> if you want to grab that one, you can have a taste of that as we move along. >> i love that you're concerned about my eating. okay. now, in here -- >> hmm. >> food is focused on simple classic flavors with a twist. this is a pasta sauce. i brush them with tomatoes. they're about 45 minutes cooked. all the moisture is gone. >> a little pepper. >> yeah. and the cooking of the sauces happen we'd the tomato. so once you add it to the sauce. >> you had olives and is that garlic? >> olives, garlic, chili, some anchovy. >> get ready. >> amazing. >> i'm ready. >> it's easy. this is the other snapper. >> this is over eggplant. did you roast that? >> olive oil and roast it in the oven and it becomes a beautiful mousse.
9:55 am
it's delicious. >> wow. >> you've got all the classic flavors of the sauce that you normally have with pasta. pasta, pasta, how do you say it? >> pasta. >> we say pasta. >> there you go. >> i'm half english, half australian. >> whatever it is, it's working. all right. >> just a little bit. >> you need a fork. >> this is a restaurant version. michael moore, thank you so much. >> still hey parents, it's going to be a big school year.
9:56 am
see, i'm not just teaching woodwinds and strings. i'm teaching attitude! if your kids want to sound cool, they have to look cool! so, here's what they'll need: denim, graphic tees, leggings and tunics, more denim, backpacks, headphones, hair gel, denim, converse one star shoes, denim, shaun white hoodies and denim. good morning to you. 9:56 right now. i'm laura garcia-cannon. this morning hope is fading for
9:57 am
seven bay area fishermen lost in the ship of cortez. divers could start searching the sunk enship this morning to see if the missing men are inside. the survivors are now back in the bay area, including charles gibson, who clung to a cooler to keep his head above water. >> and just then a huge wave came over and slammed me into a bigger boat and my knees buckled because the wave was very powerful. i thought to myself, i'm going to die out here. >> the families of the missing fishermen are not giving up hope. they've launched a website to encourage rescue workers to continue searching. right now i want to check the forecast with christina loren. >> good morning to you. well, our temperatures are still on the cool side. we still have mostly cloudy conditions. it's a coolish start but we're expecting the sun to shine through especially through the peninsula by 5:30.
9:58 am
that brings temps up into the 70s. a gray start today and another one tomorrow. as we head through wednesday, the coolest day of the week, we will struggle to break out of the upper 60s. 79 for today in concord. 77 degrees in gilroy. give your ac a break. 75 degrees by tuesday. breaking out that jacket on wednesday. up to 80 degrees on thursday and into the weekend. let's check traffic with mike. >> good morning. highway 4 we had that police activity on the overpass. traffic has been reinstated for both directions. very slowest bound. clearing as you gets towards pittsburgh. slowing approaching the bay bridge. the metering lights are off. it's not having a heavy impact right now. >> thank you very much, mike. 9:58 right now. for the latest traffic and news updates, check out nbc bay area
9:59 am
morning news on facebook. another local update in half an hour. have a great monday morning. gasoline that cleans. chevron with techron. care for your car.
10:00 am
from nbc news, this is "today," with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. hey, everybody. how about that? it's ffu-day monday, it's july 11th and hoda and i are trying to figure out if her dress is inappropriate for television. >> it's too short. >> we love it. we have a huge weekend. we -- >> well, we did. let's talk about where we're headed. this week you know where we're going? >> we're going to montreal thursday.& >> we are, we'll be live
10:01 am
thursday, tab a show friday. >> you'reealways correcting me -- >> the barenaked ladies are >> and cirque du soleil. p> and cirque du soleil. >> and i understand that eline dion may be making an appearance. >> we're going to find her if it kills uu. >> are you tired from the weekend? >> i was tired saturday. i'm okay, now. i took the red eye back after doing the leno show on friday night. hoda did "dateline," it wasn't "dateline," but an nbc news piece. >> what is that to go from kicking it up on the "tonight show," right? and you kicked it up a lot. and you get on a plane and then you've got to be, boom. >> "dateline""-- >> i thought leno was fun, didn't you? >> i thought it waa great fun. >> we, i don't know if you saw it because it was late friday and peopleewere sleeping or out. but if you weren't, we had a lot of fun, we ended up bringing
10:02 am
props. they had seen us over the years ppesent -- all in the name of nbds. we have to preseet things to the american public, all in the name of nbc news. we were walking down memory lane. >> let's watch, because we haven't seen it. [ cheers and applause ] >> so many parent-teacher association meetings. thii is a very special bra. >> you're going to love this, jay, hold on. >> you guys help us. [ cheers and applause ] >> talk about a good sport. he not only had that whipped cream, which is that alcohol-infused whipped cream on his face, he had it on his tie -- >> he didn't care. desperate.rting to look a little i can't go on a late-night show
10:03 am
without kissing the host. and our lips never touched. frank gifford, i'm telling you right now. ttere was six pounds of stuff. >> i don't know if i believe it. >> no, no, no, i wouud remember. i can't say that about jimmy fallon, they did touch. they touched for about a minute and a half. >> i was walking around my neighborhood when we got back on sunday and there was a long line of people waiting for something and i said, what are you waiting for? they said the harry potter premiere. kids i saw were out there saturday and sunday. they are hoping to get in and see some of the stars at the premiere and all that stuff. because this is the last hurrah, isn't it? >> if they had only known that rupert is here with us today. he plays ron weasley. last time he was here, he said hello to everybody. >> 23 years old now. when you look back at the first
10:04 am
movie they made and they were all just such novices in the business. and now daniel radcliffe just kicking it uu like crazy on broadway. we're going to talk with him in a few minutes and find out what he's going to do next. i can't even magine what an emotional roller coaster this has been for them. their whole childhood was there. they started tearing down the sets like hogwarts and all that stuff. >> and the ages of the people who were out there on the line. were 18, 19, 20. some of them were young kids when it started. they were there from the beginning. >> i think 450 million books did sold. it's made $6 billion, the movies? it's just -- it's a complete phenomenon. when you think of jk rowling, wrote it all sitting there with her, she was homeless. >> she's unbelievable. >> we have some guests here not who came to see rupert grint --
10:05 am
>> you. >> kayla, elena, we are some friends visiting. >> they came friday, we weren't here and soothey came back today. >> i like whhn people make return visits. >> she said, i met jerry friday and i'm back on monday. tell me about your weekend. there was a big uh-oh moment for kate. >> i don't know if she knew it at the time. >> you're walking along with your dress, you llok really great and there's a gust of wind that comes out of nowhere. >> that's the generous shot. there's another one. still -- >> she took her hands away from there for a moment. and it blew up and -- i'll tell you like this, if i looked like -- she looks in that picture, i would move to the windy city. >> you know what i'm saying? move there and let it fly, baby. >> no, she did look great. >> she's got an amazing body. >> she does. watching her in l.a., we were in l.a. and they were just down the >> we were at the beverly hills.
10:06 am
>> it's so great how they just sort of blend into every place they've been. calgary they fit in, l.aa they fit in, everywhere. >> she seems more royal naturally than so many people who have been born into the manner. she's just as gracious and lady-like. i love that dress. that's the same designer that did her wedding gown. >> you know what i like about her smile -- >> she does her own makeup? >> i like that she wore the same pair of jeans repeatedly. like everybody does. she kept wearing the jeans. and everyone was making a thing out of it. i love that she rewears clothes, because so does everybody. >> we've had people come on our show, with 20 people in an entourage. you barely know their name. she's got, her hairdresser goes with her and one wardrobe person goes with them. >> that's it. so hats off to derek jeter, you guys, because he hit -- >> even if you're not aayankee fan. >> the 3,000th hit. it was like the perfect day for him. when he hit that, when he made that huge milestone -- it was, it came along with a home run.
10:07 am
which is something that was just a perfect sparkling saturday afternoon. he hit it at yankee stadium. >> he was 5 for 5 that day, every time he was at bat -- >> and it's out here! >> see ya! 3,000, history with an exclamation point! >> that was a huge, huge moment, obviously for derek jeter. >> derek jeter has done did in grand style! >> a big moment for derek jeter and big moment for 23-year-old christian lopez, the guy in the bleachers who caught the ball. he is from highland millss new york. he did a very generous thing. he said he was going to give the ball back to derek jeter since it was such a piece of history. >> people saying it could be worth $250,000. and the guy is apparently in debt from collegg and different things and that would have paid off a lot of debts for him. and then left some. but he id the classy, classy thing. we would like to suggest to derek jeter, that he sort of
10:08 am
gives him a lot of money. just for the ball. yes, derek jeter can afford it, it was a gracious thing to do. or if not that, what he needs to do is -- >> in addition to that, you're right, hoda. >> look at this book, you guys. this book, it should have legs, because it's like a coffee table, see? and it's so heavy, i can't even tell you. >> it's called "mr. jeter's opus." 75 pounds. >> and it's very expensive. $4500. two square feet, that thing. >> it's great pictures, you guys. and incredible -- >> you don't need your glasses. >> i loveethat the best, you're baseball is a game where a curve is annoptical illusion, a screw ball can be a pitch or a person. stealing is legal and can you spit anywhere you like except in the umpire's eye or on the ball. isn't that cute? that was from jim murray, some sporrs writer. the pictures are amazing. can you imagine what it costs to mail that to someone?
10:09 am
$4500. >> so in addition to the >> write him a little check. >> they did give him yankee tickets for the rest of the season. >> and a couple of bats and balls. >> a little more, let's show a little more love. >> they're only publishing 222 of these, because that's derek's >> we lost one of the graest ladies of all time. -pgreat ladies of all time. betty ford died at the age of >> she was a good friend to you and frank, huh? >> you know, it's one of those things in life you never dream you're going to be friends with somebody. when we moved to colorado, frank had been friends, he skied vail before there were any trails there. frank and president ford and the secret service. they had become friends yearr and years before. when we moved, bought a house out in colorado when the kids were born, we became very, very good friends.
10:10 am
and loved their families. one particular, cass was just born, hoda and they were going to be our very first guests for dinner. for two weeks ahead of time, i said to cody, cody, this is when president ford gets here, i want you to take his hand and say nice to meet you, mrr president, right. you do it over and over. he did it perfectly. and you say, good evening, mrs. ford. every sing the time. they finally get there, and i said, cody, don't you have something to say to president and mrs. ford. and he goes -- nothing. and goes running out the door. a few minutes later he comes in and sits down and i go -- cody, is there sometting in your & pants? and he said, no, i'' just pooting. and five minutes later i hear somebody come and wipe my buns. i go out. he comes back in with a cowboy hat, cowboy boots and what are those things called christie?
10:11 am
chaps and nothing else and goes -- i have diarrhea! and mrs. ford grabbed my hand and says, we have six grandchildren. if they wwren't so far away, i'd be going out. we've got to go to montreal. >> she was a trail blazee, she pas one of those women who had blaest cancer early and talked about it. fought addiction and talked >> she spends the rest of her life making recovery available for other people. she was -- the kind of woman you would have adored if you didn't get to meet her. did you meet her? >> i never met her. >> the best sense of humor. somebody asked her, why did your husband fall a lot. he's a world-class athlete and she said, oh, he's just clumsy. >> we have time for our favorite things. this one, you're going to love. if you're a walk iror a runner and you get tired -- you don't have anywhere to put stuff. you want to wear, wear a
10:12 am
sweatshirt around your waist. this is what you do. you tie it around, it's called a booty wrap. look at the pockets where you caa put your keys. look at the back, it doesn't have he hood. you can put keys, your credit card. >> everybody makes fun of me when i wear my fanny pack. >> you can get it from booty $30. >> ttat is great. >> i'm getting that. >> mine is very simple. because i used it this morning & and i never had it before and i really, really like it. i'm going to tell you the truth. >> what is it? >> i don't know. it's by m.a.c. chanel is discontinuing the one i love, right? what's it say. we have it up here? it is called -- booty wrap! >> no, they just moved it. m.a.c. cream sheen glass gloss.
10:13 am
>> that's what i'm wearing now and it's really pretty. boy bait. it's got one of the better accomplish ators. i don't like a brush applicator because it gets all smooshy. >> call your friendd, harry potter's rupert grint, also known as ron weasley is here. plus, ii's slurpy day, free slurpies, go out to 7 hn -eleved get a slurpy.
10:14 am
10:15 am
10:16 am
[ screaming ] >> the place is on fire! >> all right. you're seeing a sneak peek at the much-anticipated final chapter of the harry potter series, starring rupert grint as a lovable but trouble-maker ron weasley. >> rupert was chosen for the role when he was 11 years old and now a decade later he has come a long way. he always comes to see us, we're so glad. >> is it, it must be bittersseet, the vvry last one. >> it's a weird feeling. i haven't really kind of -- accepted it yet, that it's over. i keep thinking next year we'll be back, but we really won't. i'm going to miss it. >> the london premiere, that must have just been meaningful for you. what was that like? >> it was, it wws just amazing, seeing how many people showed up. and yeah.
10:17 am
it's really moving. it's been emotional week, really. >> are you guys going to be life-long friends, stay in touch? >> yeah. i hope so, we've all kind of shared this quite unique way of growing up. and, yeah. >> it's terrific, huh? >> it's amazing, we'll always be in touch. >> this movie has a lot more action in it and it's a lot darker than the previous one, would you say so? >> we definitely. i mean this is kind of the war now. it's a war film. >> good and evil. >> we've become soldiers and characters naturally don't make it to the end. >> you've been outspoken about the fact that ron does make it ron doesn't die. >> ron survives. p> please tell us hermione doesn't. >> you have to wait and see. >> don't cry. >> we've got to talk about the big kiss between you and emma watson. we've been waiting and waiting
10:18 am
for this. we couldn't even get a picture of it, we had to get the hug before or after. >> the pre-game. tell us about that. >> well it was quite, i mean it's this moment that's been built up for years now. >> the sexual tension. >> you don't look too happy. >> it was, it was a tricky one to do because obviously i've >> it was weird. -p>> it's called acting. >> we had to concentrate and get deep into the characters. but -- >> you had lots of different directors over the years. eight movies, what, four directors, is that about right? >> yeah, chris -- yeah. >> chris columbus is the one that actually cast you guys. pell us about that first casting. i hear you did something very unusual to get his attention. >> yeah, i did, i sent in a videotape of me doing a rap.
10:19 am
it was like just information about myself that rhymed. drama teacher, i hear, in drag. you left that part out. >> it was a three-part video. the first part i was dressed as my drama teacher. in drag. >> do you remember the rap. >> you're lying. >> you're lying to us. >> i haven't performed it in a long time. >> so you never dreamed, i'm sure that that would capture his attention. because usually you have to be there with it you got called in. and your whole life has completely changed. and after this, because tonight is the last premiere that you're going to. what are you going to do next? take some time off, go to disneyworld? >> yeah, maybe. i mean i want to keep on acting. it has been this kind of quite overwhelming sense of freedom now we're finished, as much as i've loved it. i want to explore other things. >> yeah, of course. >> we wish you great luck.
10:20 am
>> thanks for coming to see us. >> thank you. >> we love it when you come to see us. >> take care. >> you can catch him in "harry potter and the deathly hallows" part 2. >> ñ
10:21 am
10:22 am
10:23 am
it is time to surprise a lucky viewer at home. in our series we call fan of the week. >> sara is here to do the honors and announce the lucky winner. >> this week's winner is athena wainscott, from overland kansas, she says the show keeps getting better and better. >> how is that possible? >> a stay at home mom on house arrest, the show is what gets her through the day. she says -- favorite song is to her playlist and what to chardonnay is to kathie lee's wine glass. phe loves to hear about the weekends and she watches the show because you guys give moms permission to have a cocktail every once in a while.
10:24 am
or liquid sanity as she calls it. as a thank you we are sending you to -- >> where? >> sunny california. you'll be living it up for two nights at the napa valley lodge, with round-trip airfare, car rental, a biking wine tour and dinner. all included and furnished by which is a website for finding unique travel and local experiences. hotels, accommodations, fu s fud by the napa valley lodge in yountsville, california. >> how to get softer and tighter looking skin. >> and
10:25 am
10:26 am
good morning to you. 10:26 right now. i'm laura garcia-cannon. students at all of the schools face a possibility of tuition increases this week. uc board of regence will vote 10 percent for the semester that starts next month that. is on top of the 8% approved last november. both systems were each hit with a $650 million cut in state budget and both are asking students to make up the difference. >> it's really painful. we're already paying a lot of money and this extra tuition increase has really affected my family, you know.
10:27 am
i already don't get a lot of financial aid from the college. so it's just even more that is going to come out of my pocket. >> administrators will vote on the 12% tuition hike on top of a 10% increase approved last app. it's 10:27. a quick break. weather and traffic right after this.
10:28 am
welcome back. the time is 10:28. temperatures still in the 60s along the pens lachlt the sun
10:29 am
will come out. the sun will be able to break through that thick cloud deck situated right over san francisco. it's already clearing in places like fairfield and livermore. you're set to hit 79 degrees at 4:00 p.m. temperatures tumble to 70 degrees by wednesday but this cooling trend won't last very long. as of thursday into the weekend, temperatures bounce back into the 80s. just got a few cool days to get through to cool down from the heat. >> we'll take that cool down from the heat. we'll take a clearing from the slow down for eastbound highway 4. westbound, still slow coming off of the antioch bridge. there was a stall also in the lanes. looking at the bay bridge for an easy drive. the metering lights were turned on and then turned off again. we'll get caught you have with the south bay and we have slowing in minor spots through san jose and mountain view. the bigger issue is a new accident southbound 880 right around gateway south of mission
10:30 am
that could cause a problem for both 680 and 880 coming into the area. >> sounds good. for the latest traffic and news updates, check out nbc bay area morning news on facebook. have a great afternoon and we'll see you bright and ear ly .m atongorowrttaniin at00ly5:. we're back on this fun-day monday, with today's buzz and all the entertainment news you need to know to move on with pour week. >> here to dish it all is's maureen o'connor. william and kate were off and running. they were in l.a. when we were in l.a. tell us abouttthe -- >> santa barbara with the polo match. >> tell us about their visit. >> they got here, they had their charrty polo match on saturday morning. will's team won. kate presented a trophy to him and kissed him in front of the crowd. rob lowe attended the charity match. later that evening they did an event for the british academy of
10:31 am
television art. >> i loved her dress. >> what celebs were out there. >> barbra streisand was there, she chatted with the royal couple. tom hanks, rita wilson. >> j. lo was there. >> j. lo was there, you know, she brought her mother, actually. her mother tripped on the red carpet, was so embarrassed. >> did she fall? >> no, thee didn't fall. >> and j. o today, as you know is whipping up the frenzy about whether or not she's going back to "idol." >> isn't it clear she's going back? >> the best thing that happened to her, exxept for her children, you know what i'm saying. press. trying to manipulate the >> she's trying to whip up the energy about it. >> baby news, victoria beckham. >> and kate hudssn both had babies. >> david beckham met with the royal couple on friday when they got there. there was a reception at the british consulate. he apologized.
10:32 am
he said, i'm so sorry victoria couldn't be here, she's too tired. and she gave birth on sunday. they have three sons and their first little girl. >> and kate hudson gave birth with her fianceiancfiance, matt. >> it's not going to be tom or bill, it's a little boy. something interesting. >> if you went to the movies, there's nothing i'll dying to see. but this "horrible bosses""movie did pretty well, right? >> it had a strong showing. which exceeded expectations. that's the group cast of jennifer aniston. >> mixed reviews. >> mixed reviews. it did very well in the theatees. reviews a little mixed. "transformers 3-d" is going strong. number one in the box office. has become the top-grossing domestic movie of the year. it made $47 million. internationally, it's made $645
10:33 am
million so far. >> what about "the bad teacher" movie. >> didn't love it? >> didn't like it. >> number three was "zoo keeper" the kevin james movie with all the animals. >> that didn't get good reviews at all. but it did well? >> it did all right. it's a bit of a troubled movie is they didn't plan it as a children's movie and they had to retool it they're trying to push ittinternationally. they're trying to make it back that way. >> i saw on the plane on the way out, i just loved. "jane eyre." it was so critically received before. but it didn't stay in the thhaters very long. if you're looking for a great one to go online or see however you do that. with netflix. you call someone. >> nitflex. >> those are the kind of movies i wish they would make more. >> so maria shriver may be
10:34 am
buying a pretty pricey house, right? >> yes. her divorce settlement isn't done yet with around. but arnold is keeping their house. who can blame her for wantinggto get out of the house where he was schtupping the maid. >> in the same neighborhood, right? >> yes, they're going to have joint custody of their children. >> and it's a $10 million home in brentwood, still renovating, thhee months to go before she'll be able to move in. >> it's so depressed in l.a. >> is she or isn't she hosting the oscars, openry win friday. >> oprah winnrey, the academy said no. they haven't talked to her at leastt >> 'sheed be great, but you need somebody funny. >> thank you so much. >> we appreciate it. up next, a woman who lost with the help of a littleesecret that might help you as well.
10:35 am
>> what's the secret? >> we're going to hear about it. >> what is it? >> i don't know. she's going to weigh in right after this. pg]ñú
10:36 am
10:37 am
10:38 am
43-year-old anita mills from flatwood, kentucky dropped 242 pounds. take a look at her story. >> my name issanita mills, i
10:39 am
once weighed 382 pounds. flipping through old photos, you can see the progression of my weight gain from my teens to my 20s. i never paid any attention to portion size. i ate whatever i wanted with no regard to the calories or nutrition. cooking involved heating up a tv dinner and a side of chips and a candy bar. i never liked salads, as ou just heard, there were no vegetables on the menu. my doctor told me if i didn't do something, i would shorten my life by 20 years. but i still didn't listen. my turning point came when it was a struggle to walk across the room. that's when i said -- enough is enough. i snapped a before picture of for motivation. i also carried a piece of paper with my doctor's nondiet weight advice. no sugary drinks, don't skip a
10:40 am
three-hour meal. don't tell anyone what you're doing. two miles on my lunch break and dancing to richard simmons "sweating to the oldies" after work. today i'm proud to say i'm 242 pounds lighter and i'm living life and loving it. >> how inspirational is that? before we meet anita, we're here with the leader of our joy fit club, our own joy bauer. >> this transformation will knock you off your shoes, it's unbelievable. >> i like the eight-ounce idea. how do you measure eight-ounces. >> i want to give a big shout-out to her doctor, i thought it was brilliant. it helped her rein in her calories, she invested in a food scale and every time she had a meal, depending on what the food was, it had to weigh eight ounces or in volume had to be eight ounces.
10:41 am
he said eat whatever you want, it has to be eight ounces, she chips, it was lees.burger and and even when you even take bad food and reduce the portion regular white pasta with e cut. marinara sauce, was a cup. it fit into her portion. after a few months, she lost so much weight by cutting the calories and the portion size, it inspired her to choose healthier options, now the fatty hamburger is a turkeyyburger with low-fat cheese and broccoli. and this kind of bread. >> i love the flat, the thin. and she makes this chicken pizza. a chicken topped with the pizza fixings, under 300 calories. >> this is anita's before picture. let's remember. come out, let's see the new you. >> oh, my gosh. wait. wwit a second. eye, my gosh. >> i saw you downstairs, i had
10:42 am
no idea you were our joy fit person. >> wow. >> that's shocking. wow. thisseight-ounce plan really worked. >> i dropped 200 pounds in 13 months. >> and clearly you've been exercising, too, because this doesn't happen overnight. >> i walk, i walk a lot. richard simmons, i -- i don't, i don't do weight training or anything. but, yeah, it's it works. >> what about the people who haven't seen you in a while and they get a look at you. >> i get odd reactions. >> when my husband and i are together, we had friends and stuff that we haven't seen in a while, think he has a differeet woman. >> he had to retake her photo on her driver's license, because nobody believed it was her. >> look at the difference. >> she has two sons and a husband and collectively they have lost 150 pounds, too. thanks to anita. >> anita, congratulations, you are an inspiration. >> that's amazing. >> next up, are you tired of
10:43 am
sagging skin? >> not anita. >> how to look years younger with home remedies and nixing red wine from your diet? that's not worth it -- >> ever, ever. h8pxpz@lnú@j
10:44 am
10:45 am
10:46 am
10:47 am
time for today's beauty and the skin care fixes that can take years off your age, we promise. >> no one looks forward to uneven, rough or loose skin. but is it really possible to get the youthful glow without going under the knife? our board-certified dermatologist has all the answers. >> you do say yes? >> i have to say. -pwe approach the table i was a little scared because everything on this table -- i enjoy, red wine, coffee, i like a little tabasco. >> okay and thh reason these are no's is because there's different skin conditions such as rosacea which affects 16 million people. it's a chronic inflammatory condition, some people don't know they have it. we don't know what cause it is,
10:48 am
but these are some of the triggers that can lead to more of the uneven skin tone. >> let's talk about evening out your skin. a lot of us don't have one smooth palaette. >> i have thaa, too. >> i didn't say you. >> i did not. >> i saw that a little bit. >> tell us about kathy's "before" picture. >> basically what you see is broken blood vessels, you see some scattered sun damage and some pigmentation. what's happening here is she wasn't wearing enough sun block, we had to get her o -- >> how do you get even? let's look at her now. >> this is kathy. >> this is kathy. you know first of all, she's a nutritionist. so she eats the rainbow. i tell my patients, eat brightly-colored fruits and vegetables. drink a ton of water and use sunscreen, every single day,
10:49 am
rain or shine, january through december, regardless of your race. p> what i always say. >> it is wwat i always say. >> you eat all of that stuff and then some. >> good things in, good things out. smooth skin. let's look at her before picture. smooth skin is something we all& want. this is peru. and peru had melasma. it was aggravated by sun damage. pt was on her cheeks. >> i never heard of it. >> it's irregular patches you can get when you're pregnant. women get it more than men and it's difficult to cover up even with makeup. it was making her miserable. >> painfull >> not really painful. >> so tell us what you did for peru. >> basically i did a lot of chemical peels and i even tried fraxel. but i came back to the chemical peels. i did the theraplex peels and the vita peels. >> these are actually dermatology, this is a 25%
10:50 am
salicylic acid. and if you want the look at home, owe lay has a night resurfacing elixir. it's not the same level, but it helps a lot. >> i think the fraxel is amazing. >> herrcheeks are amazing her. >> isn't that great? that's so great. and then turn the other way. i mean it's amazing. >> we like your earrings. >> we like everything. >> okay. so if you want to tighten up other parts of your body. with loose skin, i heard that yoo really had to have surgery for that. >> there are ways around it. i have a good before and after picture to show you uys, with a machine that kathy tried. this is you know, a patient of mine before the excella and look at the after. >> it worked well for her. >> it's unbelievable. it's exilis. it works great. but if you want to try these things at home. we can try the newt toronutroge
10:51 am
you put it on your stomach, your face and then neova has a dna your board-certified dermatologi dermatologist. i would recommend that people see a board-certified dermatologist to get more direction and so i can get more patients. up next, this is "today" on nbc. honey...? [ mom ] yes.
10:52 am
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it is time for today's kitchen. we're getting saucy with the dean brothers, paula's kids. her name is synonymous with good food and good fun. and for today, good steak and there better be aalittle bit of wine with that. >> is there? >> yes. >> hi, guys. >> good morning. >> congratulations, there's a
10:55 am
new little baby boy. matthew james. >> congratulations. >> you don't cook all the time. >> we're doing a skirt steak. my brother's got a skirt steak down here. we're doing a skewered skirt steak. >> this is sit and stay awhile. >> if you're working with a skirt steak, the most important thing is that you have to cut against the grain. >> on the bias. >> otherwise, it will be so chewy for you and we've got a marinade here that is super simple. a sesame oil. brown sugar, coriander, black pepper and a little bit of ginger. we're going to put it into a zip-loc bag and let your meat set in here and you take you some bamboo skewers. >> yes, ma'am, you do. catch on fire. and you weave them like christmas ribbon candy. >> it doesn't look too appetizing. >> you're going to love it.
10:56 am
>> how long do you throw these things on the grill? >> they're not an expensive & steak. it's one of the least expensive. >> and it's tasty, it's good. >> a simple satay sauce, a cup of peanut butter and one can of coconut milk. >> coconut milk? >> yes, ma'am. >> and how about this? >> lemon juice. that's going to be reaaly hot. you might want to just pinch that. >> no! >> it's done. if y'all want to step around back. we'll get to the wine. >> you know what we're talking i know what you like. >> all right. >> here we go. >> we'rr tastiig three different things you made today? >> tell us what this is right here. what's going on there? >> this is called a hearty palm salad rib eee. p love hearts of palm and a caesar salad. this is romaine lettuce, hearts of palm, grape tomatoes, a little bit of salt and pepper to taste and a little olive oil and
10:57 am
a little bit of vinegar. >> try this. >> you want red or white, hoda? >> red, please. thank you. >> and i get tte white. >> this is all in honor of jamie pnd i are hosting a great steak challenge this year. we're encouraging all sorts of people to enter the great steak challenge. >> mmm. >> $25,000 grand prize. >> this is so delicious. >> isn't that good? >> super simple, look, just a >> tomorrow, guys, kolbie calais will be here with us. >> we'll see you tomorrow for tuesday booze-day, and in the e're headioontreal at . tuesday booze-day, and in the e're headioontreal at . the end of the week. -- captions by vitac --
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